Anupama 23 November 2021 written update – Anupama sends everyone back to Shah residence

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj shouted at Kavya for not handling his family nicely. Kavya gets angry and she insulted everyone in front of Vanraj. Kavya informed everyone that she is the only owner of Shah’s residence and asked everyone to stay away from the residence. Everyone gets shocked. Anupama said Kavya hurt everyone and she betrayed Vanraj just for this house. Kavya said she loves Vanraj. Anupama said she has never seen a cheap woman like Kavya. Anupama said she has stolen the ownership of this house. Kavya said everyone can still live in this house because we are family.

Vanraj said no family members can do this kind of thing. Kavya said she will apologize to everyone if all of them come inside but she will be the owner only. Kavya give choice to Baapuji and asked Vanraj to control his parents. Vanraj asked Kavya to mind her words. Everyone said they will not live with Kavya at any cost. Kavya went inside the house and thought that she has never done anything wrong. Anupama asked Vanraj to handle everything and take everyone inside the house. Vanraj stopped everyone. Anupama also asked everyone to support Vanraj because he still want to normalize everything. Everyone went inside the Shah residence.

Anupama prays to God to help Vanraj to handle everything nicely and leaves from there. Anupama sits inside Anuj’s car suddenly Baapuji arrived there. Baapuji shows gratitude towards Anupama for handling him and also apologized in front of her for going back to Shah’s residence. Anupama gets emotional and said her children and Shah’s family still need Baapuji. Baapuji said he doesn’t know how Vanraj will handle everything? Anupama said Vanraj needs his family because his partner betrayed him. Anupama asked Baapuji to stay calm and not to think about anything, she was going to her home suddenly Baapuji stopped her.

On the other hand, Vanraj went inside his room. Kavya hug Vanraj and started apologizing to him for everything, and promised him to handle everything. Vanraj thought that we don’t love each other and decided to take revenge on Kavya. Baapuji asked Anupama to think about her future and life partner. Baapuji said Anupama lives alone in the house and maybe soon she will get frustrated by her life due to loneliness. Baapuji said Anupama deserves someone better than Vanraj as a life partner. Suddenly a group of some devotees arrived there. Baapuji asked Anupama to give a chance to Anuj.

Upcoming Story: Baapuji asks Anupama to live with Anuj. Anupama sits in Anuj’s car. On the other hand, Vanraj decides to normalize everything.

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