Anupama 25 November 2021 written update – Kavya fights with Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, Baa gets sick and gets unconscious. The doctor informed that Baa gets unconscious due to stress. Kavya informed everyone that she need to talk about something and asked Kavya to leave from there. Kavya gets angry and leaves from there. Baa said dance academy belongs to Anupama only and she is ready to pay for the damages she caused. Baa said she never thought about Anupama but then also she never fight with her for anything. Baa said Anupama is still part of this house and that’s why she can come to Shah’s residence, whenever she wants. Anupama said Kavya is the owner of Shah’s residence and she doesn’t like her, that’s why she can’t come to Shah’s residence.

Baa said if Anupama will come to Shah’s residence then she will be very happy because she has a habit to see Anupama’s face every day. Kavya listened to the conversation between Anupama and Baa. Anupama said she will come to Shah’s residence daily and asked Baa to sleep. Baa said she is not able to sleep. Anupama asked Vanraj to sing a song for Baa. Vanraj and Anupama sing a song together and Baa went to sleep. Anupama went to the temple to burn diya. Kavya arrived there and started taunting Anupama. Kavya shouted at Anupama for burning Diya inside her house. Kavya asked Anupama not to come to Shah’s residence again, otherwise, she will stick aboard to ‘beware of dogs and Anupama’.

Anupama said dogs are too sweet and if someone compares her with them, then she feels honored. Anupama asked Kavya not to create a scene because if Vanraj saw her then he will definitely fight with her. Kavya said Anupama felt jealous of her because Vanraj loves her. Anupama said she don’t think about Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama asked Kavya not to create problems for anyone and went out of Shah’s residence. On the other hand, Vanraj was recognizing Kavya’s words for her parents. Anupama was waiting for the auto-rickshaw at the entrance of Shah’s residence. Vanraj arrived there and shows gratitude towards Anupama for handling Baa.

Vanraj said Anupama can come to Shah’s residence any time. Anupama said Baa did wrong but then also we need to handle her because she is our mother. Vanraj said Kavya insulted her parents and that’s why he doesn’t love her anymore. Vanraj said he need to take revenge on Kavya and went inside the house. Anupama went to the house. Anupama and Bhavesh celebrated Bhai-duj.

Upcoming Story: Pakhi also celebrates the Bhai-Dooj with Samar and Toshu. Anupama prepares desert for Anuj.

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