Anupama 22nd November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Dimpy really looks at Kavya and thinks that she is dozing. She comes to the lobby and gets the call inquiring as to whether she is feeling desolate, and that assuming he will come. She hears the entryway thumping sound and gets strained. She stands all night conscious.

Anupama tells Malti Devi that Anuj didn’t take her authorization prior to bringing Baa and Babu ji here, however she realizes that she could never have rejected. Malti Devi says no issue. She says they should feel peculiar here. Anupama says we will make them confortable here. She says you probably requested that he bring them here. Anupama says no and tells that in the event that she had let them know then he could not have possibly rejected her. Anupama says I didn’t ask him when I brought you here, as he grasps me. Pakhi comes there and asks when Baa and Babu ji have come here. Anupama says in the night when Adhik and you attended the party. Pakhi asks until when they will remain here. Anupama says until they needed. Pakhi says now they need to hear Baa’s insults additionally alongside Anupama’s talk. Anupama says they will be taken great consideration here. Romil brings Baa and Babu ji there. Everybody welcomes them. Ankush inquires as to whether she got great rest. Baa says she was in the middle between. Malti devi says you are routine to snooze commotion. Anupama says gradually you will get routine. Barkha inquires as to whether they will remain here until they get acclimated. Ankush says it is great. Romil says we will appreciate. Anupama requests that they sit. Malti Devi stops Babu ji and says this is Anuj’s seat. Babu ji says sorry, I didn’t have any idea. Anuj comes there and says Malti Devi doesn’t realize that the individual is regarded and not the seat. He says anybody can sit on the seat, even Malti Devi. He requests that Babu ji sit and says seniors can settle down anyplace. He causes Babu ji and Baa to sit on the seats. He then, at that point, makes Malti Devi sit. Malti Devi expresses gratitude toward him.

Kavya awakens and figures she was unable to get up till 9 am. She sees Dimpy sitting on the floor and dozing. She calls her. Dimpy awakens holding the blade. Kavya asks what was the deal? Dimpy tells her beginning and end and says same thing had occurred before too. Kavya requests that she quiet down and says your aggravation was set off because of this.

Pakhi asks Anupama for what reason they are serving Baa and Babu ji. Anupama says she jumps at the chance to serve them. Pakhi says you have ruined everybody’s propensity and afterward they call you to Shah house frequently. Anupama asks what do you mean by these individuals and says they have cleaned your potty, and made you walk. She says they are your fantastic guardians and my folks. She says you don’t keep the glass additionally and Baa used to do your home there. She says I take your consideration more than dealing with them. Anuj requests that Pakhi get moving to her room, and says your morning meal will be sent there. Anupama requests that she go. Pakhi says early morning, the show began.

Kavya and Dimpy hear the entryway thumping sound. Tapish inquires as to whether anybody is at home. Dimpy opens the entryway, moving the furniture from the entryway. She sees him. Tapish asks what occurred, it appears storm had come here. Dimpy asks what is he doing here? Tapish says he has come to take keys and inquires as to whether she is coming. Dimpy says she will come. Kavya requests that she prepare and says she will give the keys. She requests that Tapish deal with Dimpy. He asks what was the deal?

Anuj tells Baa and Babu ji that he is their child and not child in regulation. Baa says thanks to him. Anuj says I will thank you, and tells that Anupama has filled his existence with adoration and care. Anupama grins.

Precap: The hooligans bother Dimpy. Tapish beats them and mollifies Dimpy. The hooligan takes their video and makes it viral. Anupama and others see it and gets stressed. Baa sees the video. Dimpy cries.

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