Anupama written update 28 July 2021 Food critic visits the cafe

At the beginning of the episode, Nandini registered Vanraj’s cafe at the website of food critics and fortunately they got a visit of a food critic in their cafe. Later Vanraj and Kavya were checking the dishes but they were not up to the mark. Even Kavya requested Anupama to work in Vanraj’s cafe for today but she refused. Later food critic Mansi Jain arrived at the cafe and she ordered the signature dishes of Anupama. Everyone becomes tensed.

Anupama arrived at the cafe, Kavya started taunting at Anupama for arriving at the cafe. Kavya asked does Vanraj asked Anupama to come to cafe? Vanraj refused. Anupama informed that Samar requested her to come to cafe and prepare food for critic. Kavya asked Anupama to handle the kitchen. Anupama said Kavya doesn’t like when she help her so she will charge Rs. 500 for an hour. Kavya give cash to Anupama. Anupama asked Kavya to send her money online. Kavya decided to handle Mansi Jain.

Baa admired Anupama for her decisions. Anupama apologised Baa to take money from Vanraj and said she can’t work everyday for the cafe. Kavya come to Mansi Jain informed her about the cafe, and admired the food and recipes in front of her. Baa’s friends arrived at the cafe. Kavya welcomes them politely, Baa’s friends get shocked. Kavya served the food prepared by Anupama. Other customers get impressed by the appearance of food prepared by Anupama, so they ordered same but Kavya refused to them.

But Anupama prepared the dish again and served the food to other customers. Baa’s friends admired cafe’s environment in front of Baa. Baa said they can arrive at the cafe anytime. Baa’s friend asked who is that lady? Baa informed that she is a critic, and eat food and give reviews online. Baa’s friend asked Vanraj to sing a song for them. Vanraj gets nervous but Kavya too requested him to sing. Samar play the guitar and Vanraj started singing song. Everyone started enjoying his song. Samar and Anupama started dancing on the song and then everyone joins them. Everyone admired Vanraj’s singing. Mansi Jain said she want a photograph of the cafe’s owner. Vanraj asked Kavya to call Baa and Baapu ji for picture but Kavya refused him. Mansi Jain paid for the food and leaves from there. While Anupama prepared the food but Kavya took the credit of everything. Later Vanraj shows gratitude towards Anupama for preparing food and said he is happy by Samar’s behaviour.

Upcoming Story: Vanraj’s cafe got 2 stars from food critic. Kavya starts shouting at Anupama. Vanraj shouts at Kavya and says Kavya is responsible for everything because critic has clearly written that food was awesome but owner behaviour was weired.

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