Balika Vadhu 2 14 October 2021 written update – Premji is in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Ratan asks Anandi what Devali did. Anandi remembers that Sejal told her that she should never talk about her in-laws’ house problems in her maternal home. So she lies that she was just remembering the day when Devali was having fun with her. Ratan asks her if this is true. She says yes. Anandi tells her not to worry about her and asks her to go to sleep.

The next morning Ratan thinks that today Anandi should be allowed to rest. But then she hears the sound of something falling from Anandi’s room. She goes to her room and sees Anandi decorating her room. She sees that Anandi is ready too. She asks her why did she wake up early today. Did she have to get up early every day in Raigad? She refuses and says she used to get up early sometimes.

Here Premji is sitting sadly. Sejal asks him to drink tea. Premji says that without Anandi he can feel loneliness in this house. Sejal says that the same condition happened to Khemji and Ratan. Here Khemji brings breakfast for Anandi. Anandi tells Khemji that she misses her school a lot. Khemji asks did she not get Dhingli’s notes. She refuses. Here Premji gets bad news. His order has been canceled due to which he has incurred a huge loss.

Madiba learns about this and gets worried too. Meanwhile, Ratan gets sad seeing Anandi doing household chores. Khemji tells her not to be so worried. Later Kalpesh returns to his home. Leela and Bhavan also come with him. Ratan asks him if she will go to Dr tomorrow. She says yes. Further Dhingli comes to Anandi’s house. She tells Anandi that there is a test in school tomorrow. Anandi studies with her. Then she remembers that the books that Premji had brought to her, she left them there.

However, She continues to study. Jigar and Kanku video call her. Anandi tells them that tomorrow is her exam and she has to study. Jigar teases her. Kanku silences him and tells Anandi that Premji has got a new phone for her. Anandi becomes happy. At the same time, Premji gets a call from the factory and learns that the factory has caught fire. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Madiba prays to God that all is well. But in the morning they learn that everything has been destroyed. Ratan gets very happy seeing Anandi studying here. While Madiba tells Premji that Anandi is the fortune Lakshmi of this house and everything is over as soon as she leaves the house.