Barrister Babu 15 October 2021 written update – Bondita is in danger!

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh tells Bondita that difficulties will come in her way. He told her if she really wants that widows should get their rights then she has to face this protest. Anirudh says he can support her but not her silence. He was about to leave the stage but Bondita started giving the speech. She told them that she herself considered her marriage invalid to wipe out the evil practice of child marriage. She tells them that she wants to spend her whole life with Anirudh. Suddenly one of the villagers objected and said that men will decide how women will love and die. Everyone came in support of him. Another man said whoever will not implement our words will die.

Villagers drag Kumudh to the river and are about to throw her in it. Bondita came there to save her. She tells Kumud to escape from here. Then they catch Bondita and thought if she won’t be there then no one will object. Bondita tells Kumud to call Anirudh. The villagers threw bondita into the river. Kumud went to Anirudh tells him to save Bondita as she is drowning.

Anirudh saw Bondita drowning and jumped into the river. He swims a little far and held her hand. Bhatuk overhear villagers talking that Anirudh jumped into the river to save Bondita. He rushes to find them. After few minutes if struggle Anirudh finds a raft and makes Bondita climb on it. While he was climbing he figured out that this raft can only handle the weightage of one person.

Anirudh told her that he will meet her at the end. Bondita was not ready to leave him alone. Anirudh told her to go and carry on her fight. Bondita says we both will fight together and raise the standard of the village. Bondita was not leaving Anirudh’s hand. Suddenly she fell unconscious on the raft. Bhatuk reached there and spotted both of them in between the river. He says again Anirudh is risking his life for Bondita. He jumps into the river to save Anirudh.

Later Bhatuk came out of the river and ask a few men about Anirudh. He told Bhatuk that it’s impossible to get out of this flood. Bhatuk curses Bondita for putting Anirudh into trouble. He decided to take revenger from her.

Bhatuk went to a flood relief camp and enquire about Bondita. Ine of the nurse informed him that she is alive and kept in room no 10. He went there and saw Bondita unconscious on the bed. He curses her for killing Anirudh. He picks the scissor and is about to stab but the doctor came inside the camp. The doctor considered Bhatuk as her relatives and informed him that Bondita is pregnant. He tells Bhatuk that she needs more attention as any type of stress can harm her.

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