Barrister Babu 18 July 2021 Written Update weekly

This week we saw that Chandrchur tells Thakuma that Bondita is not in the court. Thakuma decides that she will teach Bondita a lesson today when she learns that Bondita was not in court. Bondita changes her clothes. And then starts towards Krishna Nagar. There Anirudh feeds his father food and also injures his hand. Shampoorna wants to apply ointment but he refuses. There, Thakuma is waiting for Bondita. Then only she arrives at her home. Thakuma asks how’s her day. She says it was good. Thakuma yells at her and confronts her saying that she knows that she was not in court. She asks then where was she.

Further, Anirudh sends the wallet to the people of Krishna Nagar and also declares that if a spy comes to Tulsipur again this time, he will make her a bonded laborer. Bondita gets nervous. Chandrachur asks her why she is getting upset. Bondita doesn’t say anything. She goes inside. The next morning she is praying in front of Maa Durga when Sumati comes there and tells Bondita to pray that everything will be fine. Then Bondita is shocked to see Tupur’s injury mark on her hand. Tupur recalls how Chandrchur has beaten her.

After this, Bondita meets Anirudh. She saw an injury in his hand and wants to put ointment. But he refuses. Bondita tries to make him recall Bondita which upsets Anirudh and he scolds her. She starts crying. Anirudh asks her to calm down. Bondita says he should write his issues on the note but Anirudh doesn’t do this. Bondita asks for the reason. Later they both fall in the bathtub. Trilochan notices this and asks what is happening. Then he finds out that because of children it happened. So he wants to scold them but Anirudh forbids him to do so and puts all the blame on Bondita, saying that due to Bondita all of this is happening.

Later Bondita gets shocked seeing Binoy’s condition. Sampoorna comes to her. Bondita asks her how all this happened. Sampoorna then tells her how Anirudh had gone to Thakuma with an offer of peace once again. He tried to convince them that he had not put gunpowder in the gifts but Thakuma did not listen to him. And because of this Trilochan was taken to jail and they beat Binoy due to which he got his state of mind bad and Anirudh changed.

Sampoorna tells Bondita that since then Anirudh has stopped laughing. Sampoorna says that she did a lot wrong with her sister so Binoy is getting the punishment for her actions. Later, Trilochan asks Vyjayanthi not to tell anything to her father. Bondita says fine. Trilochan asks Anirudh to drop Bondita at her house. Bondita is sad to see Anirudh’s condition. Anirudh asks her if she is fine. Bondita says yes adding that Anirudh should talk to Bondita so that things can improve. Anirudh gets angry. Further Bondita sees her things and pictures in a dark room. She finds out that Anirudh still cares for her.

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