Barrister Babu 20 September 2021 written update – Anirudh killed Chandrchur!

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh comes to Bondita’s room and is shocked to see Chandrachur. He tells him how dare he commits this sin. Chandrachur runs away from there. Anirudh goes after him. Here Bondita is with the children. Flashback She had left the room to feed them sweets and put a red “chunri” on the pillow so that everyone would think that she was in the room. Later Bihari comes to Bondita. He tells her that Anirudh is very angry.

Trilochan asks his men to get out of the car. Bondita says that she too will go with them. Thakuma refuses because she has just got married. Tupur believes that only Bondita can stop Anirudh from doing something wrong. So it would be better to go with them. Here Anirudh and Chandrachur are fighting. After some time Roy and Das’s family reach there. They stop them from fighting. Then there is the sound of firing. Chandrachur falls into the ditch.

Tupur is shocked to see this. She starts cursing Anirudh because she has become a widow because of him. After that, the police come. Inspector asks Thakuma what she saw. She tells them all the truth. Bondita says that Anirudh cannot do such a thing as he had left the path of enmity long ago. The inspector refuses to listen to her. And says does she want him to believe what is in her heart.

Bondita says that earlier Chandrachur ran away from Anirudh. If he was afraid that Anirudh would kill him, he should have come to them. Why did he run towards the forest? Anirudh further confesses his crime. He says that he has killed Chandrachur. Bondita asks why did he do this. What was the reason behind this? Anirudh does not talk about it and says that he has confessed his crime and does not want to say anything more than that.

The police take Anirudh away from there. Trilochan and Somnath are looking for a good lawyer. Sampoorna says that a lawyer is also in their house. She suggests Bondita’s name. Trilochan says that Bondita has not fought any case to date, so in this case, he cannot trust her. While Sampoorna has full faith in Bondita. She is sure that Bondita can fight Anirudh’s case and save him.

Bondita comes to her room. She gets sad seeing Anirudh’s pictures. Tupur comes there and litters Bondita’s room. Bondita tries to convince her that Anirudh can’t kill anyone. There must be some secret behind this. Whereas according to Tupur, Anirudh has done this deliberately. She threatens Bondita that the way Anirudh has ruined her life, she will ruin Bondita’s life.

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