Barrister Babu 23 September 2021 written update – Subodh’s dirty trick

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita tells Subodh that another name of Shakti is Nari. So she is that powerful woman. She adds that if a woman brings her husband out of the mouth of death, then he and this court will not be able to separate Anirudh from her. Subodh laughs and tells Trilochan that he has made a good joke. He adds that Trilochan may laugh now but soon he will cry. Bondita gives him a napkin and says that soon he will need this napkin to wipe his tears as he is going to lose this case soon.

Subodh tells that he is not going to fight this case in front of a girl. Bondita asks if he is scared. She adds that it would be better if he runs away as it will save him from losing. Subodh decides that he will not go anywhere but will bow down Bondita’s head by getting Anirudh sentenced to death. So that after this no girl would even think of advocating. Bondita promises that after this case, more girls will show the courage to become lawyers.

Further, Trilochan blesses Bondita then only tea spills on her sari. Trilochan asks her to go to the bathroom. Bondita refuses. Subodh asks the lawyer with him to do something for Bondita. Then a chapparsi gives prasad to Bondita in which something is mixed. Due to which Bondita’s stomach starts hurting. She starts going to the bathroom. Subodh starts laughing. Further Bondita sees that the bathroom door is locked.

Bondita asks the peon to open that door as soon as possible. The judge has come here. Somnath wonders where Bondita has gone. The judge orders the accused to be called. Anirudh comes to the court. Subodh tells them that they should close Anirudh’s case. Judge asks where is Anirudh’s lawyer. He gives them time till 11 o’clock. Trilochan asks Somnath to bring Bondita as soon as possible.

Bondita here comes to know that Subodh has made her stomach upset as he mixed medicine in her Prasad. Here Subodh tells the judge that they should stop this case as Bondita is wasting their time. He makes fun of Bondita that she must be taking time to put on makeup. Anirudh says that Bondita is not one of those women who wastes someone’s time like this.

He asks Subodh to use his words carefully. Subodh promises him that soon he will silence him too. Bondita is going to the men’s bathroom. There a man stops her. He says this is the gent’s bathroom. Bondita removes the gents from in front of the bathroom. She says now it is only a bathroom.

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