Barrister Babu 27 September 2021 written update – Tapur tries to harm herself

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita feels that something is probably missing. She remembers that only Tupur had not told her anything so maybe she might find something in her room. Later She goes to her room and sees that no one is there. She thinks maybe Tupur is with Thakuma. She opens the cupboard of Tupur’s room and sees the ticket to Dhaka. She remembers that even at the time of marriage, there was a call from Dhaka. She thinks about who wants to go there.

Next, she goes out of that room. Tupur is also going somewhere. She sees Bondita and hides from her. Bondita walks towards Tapur’s room. She sees that Tapur was trying to die. She wants to know from her why she did this. Tapur is about to tell her something. Thakuma comes there and gestures to Tapur not to tell anything. Bondita sees this. She asks Thakuma why she is asking Tapur to hide the truth.

Thakuma asks Bondita not to talk nonsense. She leaves from there with Tapur. Further Bondita sees that Tupur is coming from outside. She asks Tapur where is she coming from. She sees a bag in her hand which contains tiffin. She asks her where did she take it. Tupur says that she had taken it for Chandrachur. She adds that she went with Chandrachur’s favourite food. Bondita is shocked to hear her.

Tupur says that Chandrachur was sleeping for three days. He was also refusing to eat food but she did not listen to him and fed him food. She adds that she will cook for him every day. Bondita tries to convince her that Chandrachur is no more. Tapur says that Anirudh has killed him and he will be punished. She leaves from there saying this. Bondita further feels that she is making a mistake by doubting her family.

However, then she sees Anirudh in a dream who tells her that she should not think about all these things. He encourages Bondita. The next morning Bondita worships Durga Maa. Sampoorna sees Anirudh and Bondita’s wedding photo and says that everyone is missing Anirudh a lot. Trilochan says yes. Bondita comes there. They hide the pictures so that Bondita doesn’t get sad seeing Anirudh. But later Bondita sees those pictures. At the same time, she sees the picture of the makeup man and she learns that it is Chandrachur.

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