Barrister Babu 28 October 2021 written update – Batuk comes to meet Malika at night

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita is about to see Malika’s locket, which has her and Batuk’s photo. But she sees that there is only her photo in that locket. Malika says that Batuk might have removed the photo from the locket in anger. Bondita says fine. Malika says she has some work with Anirudh so can she snatch him from her. Bondita is shocked to hear her. Batuk settles the matter.

Then Bondita goes into the house. Malika tells Batuk that she does not like that he is taking so much care of Bondita. Batuk explains to her that Bondita is about to become a mother so he is taking care of her. Malika says that but he has to come to meet her in the night or else she will tell the truth to Bondita that he is not Anirudh but Batuk. Batuk reassures her that he will come to meet her at night. Malika gets happy and leaves from there.

Further, some lawyers tell Batuk that they have organized functions for Bondita. In which they will give her the trophy. Batuk says she will not come there. Bondita overhears this. She thinks that Anirudh is doing strange things these days. He looks like a changed man. Later in the night, Malika is waiting for Batuk in her room. Here Batuk comes to his room. He sees that Bondita is not asleep yet.

He advises her to go to sleep. Bondita refuses. She wants to ask him something. She asks why did he refuse her to go to Kolkata. Batuk says that the child is important at this time and he has stopped her from going to Kolkata so that she does not suffer any harm. Bondita is not satisfied with his answer. But Batuk does not listen to her further and asks her to sleep quietly. Bondita goes to sleep ahead.

Malik watches the time. She says it is 11 o’clock. She is about to go to Bondita’s room. But at the same time, Batuk comes there. He and Malika then share a romantic moment. Bondita wakes up in the night. She sees that Anirudh is not in the room. She goes outside and hears water falling from Malika’s room. Here Batuk and Malika are in the bathroom. Batuk comes to the room after some time.

Then he is shocked to see Bondita. Furthermore, Malika also comes. Bondita is shocked to see Malika and Anirudh both are wet. Malka lies that her bathroom faucet was damaged so she calls Anirudh for help. Bondita says fine and tells Batuk that he should change his clothes or else he will fall ill. Batuk says ok. He goes to the room. Bondita helps him. She tells him that she doesn’t like it when he is with Malika. Batuk assures her that he will take care of this in the future. Next, Bondita has to go through the call records to find out who is stopping her from taking the case.

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