Barrister Babu written update 21 July 2021 Saswati’s birthday party

The children try to make Saswati laugh at the beginning of the episode but she is sitting sadly. Bondita comes there and wants to know why she is upset. Saswati tells her anguish that Anirudh will not celebrate her birthday, thus she is sad. Bondita makes a plan. Saswati then goes to Trilochan and Anirudh. She wants to know from Trilochan whether she knows what tomorrow is. Trilochan answers yes and informs her that he will get her gift tomorrow.

Saswati then goes to Anirudh and demands that Anirudh be a part of her birthday but Anirudh refuses. Saswati gets upset at this and thinks that she will not celebrate her birthday if Anirudh does not come. Saswati also calls him brinjal because according to Vyjayanthi he is boring. Anirudh gets angry at this and decides that he will join the party. Bondita gets happy. Sampoorna invites her too.

Anirudh refuses her to come but Bondita declares that she will come. Sampoorna is happy and Bondita smiles seeing her happy. She also asks Anirudh to smile. There Thakuma tells Chandrachur’s mother not to snatch Chandrachur from Tupur. His mother believes that she will have to do this to have children. However, they can get him married to a girl who is like Tupur’s sister. Thakuma ponders over it.

Further Tupur is not eating food. Tapur tells this to Thakuma. There Bondita feeds Tupur, which makes Thakuma happy. Here Sampoorna thinks that she should get Vyjayanthi married to Anirudh as she takes care of Anirudh. However, Trilochan disagrees as Anirudh does not like her. The next morning, Bihari, his wife and Bondita together prepare for the party. Bihari remembers Bondita.

Sampoorna informs Bondita that she should not bring rasgulla in sweets as Anirudh does not like it but Bondita decides that she will bring rasgulla. Next, the party begins. Bondita brings Binoy with her. Everyone gets emotional seeing this. Binoy blesses Saswati and then leaves from there. Then the game process starts. Bondita deliberately throws the ball at Anirudh. But Anirudh remains calm.

The children want Anirudh to support them too. At first, Anirudh refuses but then he agrees to play. Here Chandrachur’s detective comes to know that Bondita is Vaijanthi. He gets anxious to inform Chandrachur about this news. Here Trilochan gets malicious as his team lost because of Anirudh.

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