Barrister Babu written update 23 July 2021 Anirudh plays the piano after 8years

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita sees Tupur crying. She explains to her that she need not panic as Chandrachur is with her and she is also with her. She adds that she will not let anything wrong happen to her. Tupur remembers Chandrachur’s words and gets annoyed with Bondita as she has come from London due to which everything goes wrong. Bondita feels that she is thinking this as she is upset because of her mother-in-law.

Bondita comes to Anirudh’s house. Anirudh is talking to the villagers about sword fighting. Then he notices that someone is playing the piano. He comes to Bondita and tells her that she is playing such bad music. According to Bondita, she is playing the piano well. Anirudh asks her to leave so that he can teach her to play the piano. Bondita believes that he can only fire guns.

She sees Trilochan and asks him if she can take the piano to her house. Anirudh refuses. Trilochan says that this piano is of no use anyway, so let it be taken to Vyjayanthi. Anirudh refuses. Bondita will not take the piano on one condition if he shows her to play the piano. Bondita prays that Anirudh plays the piano. And Anirudh plays the piano.

Bondita remembers the old moments. Trilochan is happy that Anirudh has played this piano after eight years. Anirudh gets emotional and goes to his room. Bondita follows him and wants to know why he is crying. Anirudh denies that he is not crying. Bondita tells that she has seen his tears so she knows that he is crying. He tells her to keep quiet. But she doesn’t keep quiet.

She talks to him about the piano. Anirudh comes out of the room angrily and announces that Bondita will not come to his house from tomorrow. He will take her exam tomorrow after that she need not come to Anirudh’s house. Bondita gets sad. Bondita now has only one day left to know about Anirudh’s heart. Next, Somnath brings Chandrachur’s spy in front of Anirudh. He tells Anirudh that this man had gone to Krishnanagar.

Anirudh wants to know why he went there. He faints. Anirudh thinks that he should ask him tomorrow. Bondita prays in front of Durga Maa that soon the enmity between them will end. The next morning Bondita shows Anirudh that she has perused his books. Anirudh misses Bondita and leaves in anger, scattering books. There Chandrachur asks Tupur if he spoke to Bondita. She refuses. Because Thakuma can suggest the name of Tapur. But since Tapur has Widow Yoga in her Kundli, she cannot get married so he asks her to talk to Thakuma. While the spy is about to spill out the beans but Bondita stops him saying she is here so that she can keep an eye on Anirudh.

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