Barrister Babu written update 26 July 2021 Trilochan takes a big decision

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita tells Chandrachur’s detective that she has come here so that she can keep an eye on Anirudh. The man apologizes to Bondita and promises that he will not reveal her truth to anyone anymore. Anirudh comes into the room and asks the man where he was going. He tells a lie that he was fed up with slavery and wanted to run away. He asks Anirudh to leave him. Anirudh is ready to forgive him provided he has to stay in Tulsipur.

Bondita thanks Durga Maa as she took care of everything. Then she leaves to complete her unfinished work. Anirudh comes to a dark room. Bondita asks Anirudh to do the work as told to him and when he does the same, he sees Vyjayanthi wearing the robe of lawyers. Vyjayanthi wants him to take a photo with them. Anirudh misses Bondita. Bondita understands that her memories are bothering him.

Anirudh refuses to take the photo and is about to leave but sees that Rob has caught fire. He burns his hands to extinguish it. Vyjayanthi believes that he should not have burnt his hands for such a modest dress. Anirudh explains to her that the cost of this cloth is too big for him. Bondita is about to throw Rob in the trash to provoke him but Anirudh stops her.

He remembers Bondita once again and angrily locks Vyjayanthi in the room. Bondita gets upset as she will no longer be able to know what is in Anirudh’s mind. Sampoorna asks him to open the room. Anirudh refuses and leaves from there. Bondita sits on the ground in the sad room. There Thakuma sees Tupur upset and asks her to explain the reason for her trouble.

Tupur notifies Thakuma that she wants Chandrachur to get married so that he can become a father. Thakuma explains to her that it is not going to be easy. Tupur suggests the name of Bondita as she will continue to be her sister. Here Bondita is thinking that how will she find out what is going on in Anirudh’s mind. Just then Trilochan comes and asks about Vyjayanthi. No one answers. Trilochan interrogates Anirudh. When he doesn’t answer, Sampoorna informs him that Anirudh has locked her in the room.

Trilochan scolds him and asks him to bring Vyjayanthi. Anirudh goes to the room and asks her to come out. He sees that Vyjayanthi is hiding. He asks her to come out. When she doesn’t come he sees a bottle. He is about to pick her up but Bondita stops him and notifies him that this is dirty. She adds that she was locked for seven hours so couldn’t control and now everyone will make fun of her. Anirudh recollects the memories of Bondita. He starts laughing. Trilochan gets happy seeing Anirudh laughing and he decides that Vyjayanthi will be the daughter-in-law of this house. Moreover, he himself will go to her house tomorrow.

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