Barrister Babu written update 27 July 2021 Bondita is in a dilemma

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh comes to drop Bondita at the railway station. Bondita feels that now is her last chance and she should knock on his heart. Bondita goes to him and wants to know why he laughed today when there was no laughing matter. She adds that she knows he is not going to tell her anything. But Anirudh agrees to tell her everything. He tries to convince her that he didn’t laugh at her but remembered someone.

He was about to tell her more, but then the train arrives. Anirudh asks her to board the train. She refuses because she wants to know the truth. She insists that she knew he was not going to tell her anything. Anirudh offers her friendship. Which surprises Bondita. Bondita is ready to befriend him and adds that Anirudh can speak his mind to her. Then there comes Thakuma. Bondita sees her and turns. She leaves from there.

Later Bondita mimics Anirudh in her house. She starts blushing. Now she hopes that Anirudh will tell her everything. She dreams that she is sharing good moments with Anirudh and starts smiling. She dances with Anirudh in her dream and Chandrachur sees her and feels strange to know that Bondita is very happy. He wants to know the reason behind it. There Bihari is upset that Trilochan is going to talk about Anirudh’s relationship.

He gets sad and prays that Bondita comes back here and he is ready to do anything for it. Bondita comes home. She is shocked to learn that Trilochan is going to take the alliance to Vyjayanthi’s house. She refuses this marriage but Trilochan starts laughing at this. Sampoorna wants to know if she doesn’t like Anirudh. Vyjayanthi says that she likes Anirudh but has not thought anything like this about Anirudh.

Trilochan is about to leave again but Bondita stops him and lies that her parents are not at home. Trilochan further asks her to talk to Anirudh. Bondita overhears Bihari and his wife talking as Bihari tells his wife that Anirudh will refuse to marry Vyjayanthi. Bondita thinks of talking to Anirudh. She goes to him and starts talking about marriage. Anirudh wants to know what kind of boy she wants. Vyjayanthi praises the boy in front of him. Anirudh asks Vyjayanthi to talk to the boy. Vyjayanthi is worried about whether the boy will like her because according to her he is not very beautiful. Anirudh asks her to believe in herself.

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