Barrister Babu written update 29 July 2021 Anirudh agree to marry Vaijayanti

At the beginning of the episode, Sampurna tries to convince Anirudh to marry Vaijyanti. She further says that Vaijyanti loves you even when she is angry with you. She has all qualities to be your wife. Trilochan told him you can share your feelings with him or else you are still holding that promise which you made to Bondita 8 years back. Anirudh says it’s nothing like that as she made everything clear already. Trilochan asks then what’s the reason? Anirudh says that he could have understood and tell you. Trilochan tells him if he thinks that Bondita is the same as she was before then he is wrong as she is now just an enemy.

Bondita was telling herself that Anirudh will realize his feelings after Vaijyanti questions. Suddenly she heard some sound and saw through the window that Tupur is trying to set herself on fire. Bondita anyhow breaks the door and stopped her from doing that. Tupur says let her die. Bondita says let me know the reason . She will help you out. Tupur says if you really want to help her then marry her husband and give a child .

Binoy was doing imaginary talk Anirudh told him to take a rest. Anirudh feels bad and he is unable to take his help in all this situation. Bondita tells Tupur what you are saying? Thankuma tells Tupur that she is a modern girl so why you are expecting this from her. Tupur says because of her my parents died and her face got burnt then why she can’t do this. Tupur pleads with her to accept her request. Bondita tells her that she can do anything for you and hugged her. Bondita says she can sacrifice her life but how can she do this as he is her brother-in-law. After everyone left Chandrachur gets furious and says that he is not her brother-in-law and  he wants her at any cost. He  knows that she is finding any way to go back to Anirudh so now it’s time to teach the lesson.

Anirudh was roaming in his house suddenly he heard some sound coming from a room where sword competitors were sleeping. He went there with a gun and saw everyone was injured. Anirudh noticed there was a girl among them in the jeep.

Anirudh sent them to the hospital with the help of Bihari. Trilochan says this Krishna Nagar spy won’t get rid of their habit. Chandrachur was feeling happy to injured those fighters and manipulate Anirudh against Bondita. There Anirudh got jewelry on the floor which was of Bondita. Trilochan get’s angry and says now Bondita hates Tulsipur. Anirudh tells him it’s not like that.

Somnath informed Anirudh that fighters are severely injured as they might not take part in the competition and one of the fighters has died. Anirudh was willing to warn them but Trilochan told him that we will give them a befitting reply by winning the completion.

Bondita was thinking today she will get the answer from Anirudh. There Anirudht was in his room and thinking of something. She went to meet Anirudh and tells him today she won’t disturb him . She says that just pick one rose and reveal your decision and if you can’t tell the reason then you can give me in writing. Anirudh says today he has  to take the decision as he can’t run from it. Anirudh picks the yellow rose and Bondita gets happy as he chooses the yellow rose which means “No” to Vaijyanti and “yes” to Bondita. Suddenly he throws that rose in the dustbin and gives her a red rose.  Bondita feels bad.

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