Bawara Dil 19 March 2021 Written Update – Shiva is in trouble now!

At the beginning of the episode, Malini was thinking that what would happen with Siddhi further. Media people’s were clicking there picture’s. Gaurav parents were at the police station and the inspector told the constable to took them to the hospital for the identification of the body. Gaurav mother got stunned and Started crying. She said now I would not leave Siddhi in peace. Shiva was performing the rituals along with Siddhi. The priest told Shiva to fill her forehead with velum and make her were this Mangalsutra. While Shiva was making her wear that Mangalsutra he thought in his mind that after 6 months I would throw you out of my life. Siddhi was thinking in her mind that I would let you get behind bars for your crime. The priest told them that from today you both are husband and wife from today.

The priest told them to take blessings from the elder once. Shiva and Siddhi were about to touch Akka Bai’s feet, Malini came there and started cursing Siddhi. Siddhi got shocked to hear that Gaurav died. Akka Bai asked her that who are you and about whom you are taking. Akka Bai called Bhawe and told him to throw this lady out. Few men were dragging her out Suddenly Siddhi came there and told them not to leave her. Siddhi asked her that what are you saying? Gaurav’s mother told her that my son came here for you and today he died because of you. Gaurav’s mother started blaming Shiva for his son’s demise.

Siddhi went back and out the mandap on fire. Everyone started escaping from there. Siddhi was not willing to go from there so Shiva picked her and brought her far from the fire. Siddhi slapped Shiva and told him that you killed Gaurav then you should let me die too. Shiva was standing still without any action. Suddenly police came to arrest Shiva and asked Siddhi that were you present when Shiva was giving threat to Gaurav. Siddhi nods her head and agreed. Police arrested Shiva. Shiva was trying to tell them that I haven’t done anything but they didn’t hear him. Everyone was shocked to see Shiva getting arrested.