Bhagya Lakshmi 14 October 2021 written update – Lakshmi’s party planning falls apart

At the beginning of the episode, Rishi gives the love band to Malishka. Malishka is very happy to see that. Rishi tells her that their love is forever.

Shalu asks Ayush why Karishma is always upset with Lakshmi and her. Ayush asks her why she is so straightforward and so unlike Lakshmi. Shalu says she did not say anything untrue. Ayush says if it was someone else, they would have taught her a good lesson. Ayush and Shalu argue and say they don’t want to talk to each other.

Shalu goes to Lakshmi’s room. Lakshmi is busy planning the party. Shalu complains to her about Ayush. Lakshmi says Ayush is nice. Lakshmi is very happy to see Shalu. Shalu says she met Rishi and he looked very happy while receiving some parcels. Lakshmi tells Shalu about the love bands. Shalu gets excited.

Malishka also puts the love band on Rishi and thanks to him. They hug and profess their love for each other. Virendra asks Rishi if he got the gift for Lakshmi. Rishi says he got something very special for Lakshmi. Ayush asks Lakshmi if catering is done. Virendra scolds Ayush for the way he is talking. Lakshmi says everything is done except the final decorations. Lakshmi tells them all to come early to check everything. Lakshmi thinks she knows what gift Rishi has ordered for her.

Shalu and Ayush bicker in front of Lakshmi. She tells them to shut up and instead help her.

Malishka shows Karishma the love bands. Soniya is upset and says they had planned to put Lakshmi down but they are not doing anything for it. She says she does not care if her parent’s anniversary gets spoilt but she wants Lakhsmi out of her house. Karishma says she will call DJ and caterers to spoil everything and when everyone comes, Lakshmi will not be able to do anything. Karishma tells Malishka to take all the office staff to the temple to celebrate the anniversary. This way she will get all credit.

Devika and Ahana ask for Lakhsmi’s advice in choosing their dress. Lakshmi helps them. She is happy with the decorations.

Neelam invites her guests for the party. Virendra asks Neelam why she married him when she was so beautiful and elegant in the Diwali party. Neelam says Diwali was her mother’s favorite festival, so she must have been very happy. Neelam says she married him because her father wanted her to as he thought he was very capable. Malishka shows off in front of Neelam and Virendra that she is planning to throw a lunch party for the whole staff.

The decorator asks Lakshmi how she likes the decorations. Lakshmi likes it and asks how much longer it will take. He tells that he will take one more hour to set up the chandelier. Karishma and Soniya cut the rope and the whole decoration falls apart. Lakshmi and the guy are shocked. Ayush and Shalu come there and wonder how it all happened. Shalu asks how she will redecorate in much less time.

Karishma and Soniya call Malishka to tell them about what they did. Malishka says now they do not need to do anything more.

Lakshmi tries to do something to salvage the decor. The decorator says nothing can be done in such little time. Ayush tells her to calm down. Lakshmi tells him not to tell anyone. The caterer calls Lakshmi to cancel his coming. Lakshmi tells Shalu that everything is going wrong. Gurucharan’s uncle calls her and says he is coming to meet her. Lakshmi tells him that something has gone wrong and she will call him back.

Lakshmi thinks of something and goes to Ahana and Devika. She asks them if they will help her. They say they will of course help her.

Episode ends