Bhagya Lakshmi 22 November 2021 written update – Rishi meets Malishka

At the beginning of the episode, Lakshmi shades Rishi’s eyes from sunlight. Rishi wakes up and asks what she is doing. Lakshmi tells him and asks him to sleep again. Rishi says he has to hurry to the office. They wish each other happy new year on the first day after Diwali.

Lakshmi thinks of calling Malishka to check up on her injury. Malishka thinks it must be Rishi but is disappointed to see Viraj’s number. She speaks rudely to Viraj and hangs up. He calls her again and she says she is fine. Lakshmi tries to call her but her phone is busy. Viraj tells Malishka that she was behaving weirdly last night and also asks her to suggest some event management company. Malishka gets furious on Rishi for not calling her and blocks his number.

Kiran tries to reason with her but she says Rishi only cares for Lakshmi. Malishka tells her that Rishi has changed. Rishi puts the wet towel on bed again in hurry. Lakshmi picks it up. Rishi sees the love band in one of his files and thinks of Malishka. He calls Malishka again but bumps into Lakhsmi. Rishi tells her not to do anything and rest.

Neelam comes to the room with breakfast. Rishi says he has to leave. Neelam tells him to eat so he takes one sandwich and rushes off. Neelam tells Rishi that they have to go to a wedding. Lakshmi watches him and thinks of Diwali night.

Shalu comes to meet Lakshmi. Ayush bumps into her and she saves him from falling. Ayush teases her and calls her that she walks like a bear. Shalu says Neha walks like that. Ayush asks her if Neha is at home right now. Shalu asks why he is asking that. Ayush asks her why she is so concerned. Shalu is silent and goes away. Devika comes and asks what is going on. Ayush makes excuses and goes from there. Shalu thinks Ayush is mad.

Shalu asks Lakshmi how she is. She puts the ointment on Lakshmi’s injury. Lakshmi says Shalu always checked on her whenever she got hurt and their father took care of her and now Rishi took care of her despite being late for office. Shalu says that is because she is so nice. Lakshmi feels guilty about doubting Rishi earlier. She says how she could suspect someone pure and true like Rishi.

Devika asks Ayush why he was flirting with Shalu. Ayush tells her to shut up. Soniya listens to their conversation. Soniya tells Devika that they belong to such a rich and high society family. She scolds her for teasing Ayush with Shalu’s name. Devika says such things do not happen. Soniya tells Devika that she is not her real sister and goes from there. Devika feels sad and cries.

Rishi goes to Malishka’s house. Malishka opens the door. Rishi says “I love you”. Malishka ignores him and goes. Rishi tells Malishka to unblock him. Malishka says he never called her the whole night and now he has come here. Rishi says she could also have called her. Malishka says she has never called him after a fight. Rishi says she came on Diwali because she wanted to meet him. He says she is furious out of jealousy.

Rishi asks Malishka to understand him and give him some space. He assures her that his heart belongs to her. He reminds her that he is standing there only because of Lakshmi. Malishka says she is going to Viraj.

Episode ends