Bhagya Lakshmi 23 November 2021 written update – Karishma vows to throw Lakshmi out

At the beginning of the episode, Malishka says she is going to Viraj to help him with an event. Lakshmi asks Shalu if everything is alright with Rano. Shalu apologises to Lakshmi for putting suspicions in her mind about Rishi. Lakshmi says she is young, so it is her fault. Shalu tells her to give lots of love to Rishi. An old woman comes home asking for food. Security tries to stop her but Lakshmi listens to her.

Rishi stops Malishka from going by throwing the car keys away. Malishka says he is doing nonsense. Rishi says she has done the same to him numerous times. He says she always makes him do whatever she wants, but he wants to clear all accusations. He says if he loved Lakshmi, why would he be here talking to her and tolerating her annoying behavior.

Rishi says it is no problem if he cares for Lakshmi. He says Lakshmi is his friend while she is his love. He says he cannot be so thankless that he can ignore someone who puts their life at risk for him. Rishi says Lakshmi is very nice, but he only loves her. He says he behaves very differently with Lakshmi. Malishka says she does not want to hear anything and asks for her keys. Rishi gives her the keys.

Lakshmi gives lots of food and money to the old woman. She thanks her and blesses her. She says this world is going on because of people like her who help others selflessly and she will have a lot of luck in her life. Lakshmi thinks she is lucky to have Rishi already. Karishma watches all this.

Rishi tells Malishka that now fate will decide what happens. Malishka says fate is just an excuse. Rishi says she blocked her, so now he will also block her. He says all their problem are because of her, as she keeps doubting him despite his explanations. He says he is fine to take a break and she is free to do whatever she wants. Malishka also says she is fine.

Kiran stands in front of the car to stop her. Kiran tries to explain to Malishka that Rishi will go back to Lakshmi as she will not give him any stress unlike her. Kiran says she is feeling insecure and giving Lakshmi chance to get close to Rishi. Kiran tells her to do something to bring Rishi back and stop the fights.

Karishma scolds Lakshmi for giving alms to the beggar. Lakshmi says God has given them enough that they can help the needy. Karishma says how dare she answer back her. Lakshmi says she is actually confused about what wrong she has done. She says feeding a hungry is the biggest virtue. Neelam listens to everything. Karishma says this way, all beggars will come to their door.

Neelam rebukes Karishma that there is no dearth in their house that they cannot feed the needy. Karishma says this could be done in some temples. Neelam says Lakshmi might have just given some food but that poor woman must have given so many blessings. She tells Lakshmi that she did absolutely right.

Karishma goes to her room and cries. She is furious at Lakshmi as Neelam insulted her. She thinks she hates Lakshmi and she will not let Lakshmi live in this house. She thinks she will spoil her life. She calls Kiran and says Malishka will not do anything but they must do something to bring Malishka and Rishi together.

Lakshmi is lost in thought in the kitchen. Sudeep asks her what happened as she looks sad. Lakshmi changes the subject and asks for the milkshake that she made. She pours a milkshake in a glass and takes it to Karishma. She gives Karishma the milkshake and apologizes, but Karishma says she does not want it. Lakshmi says she has no idea why she does not like her. Karishma says she should be happy that others like her.

Episode ends