Bhagya Lakshmi 26 November 2021 written update – Lakshmi fixes her dress

At the beginning of the episode, Rishi clicks Soniya’s photos as they wait for Lakshmi. Ayush calls Rishi to tell that he has picked Shalu for the party. Rishi tells Soniya that they took Shalu so that she can give company to Lakshmi. Ayush tells Shalu that she has a lot of attitudes and says he should have picked Neha instead. Shalu says he should have. Ayush says Rishi told him to pick her. Ayush praises Neha, so Shalu says he does not know Neha well.

Karishma insists that Rishi drops them for marriage and they can send a driver for Lakshmi. As they are sitting, Lakshmi comes dressed up as Heer. Rishi is mesmerized to see her, while Soniya is shocked. Soniya asks Lakshmi how she fixed the dress. Lakshmi tells that she fixed it by putting patches on the tear. Lakshmi asks how she knew that dress was torn. Karishma says they had seen it in her room, but they knew she will do something so they waited for her.

Malishka hugs her father. Viraj also welcomes him and says they are all family for him. Dadu welcomes Abhay and he wishes Dadu. Dadu notices Lakshmi and goes towards her. Kiran ignores Abhay. Malishka thanks Viraj for inviting Abhay.

Ayush and Shalu reach the venue. Shalu’s dress gets stuck in the car door. Ayush tries to open the door but it is stuck. Ayush has dressed up as Hritik and Shalu dressed up as Poo from KKKG. Ayush holds Shalu and pulls her forward to release her dress. They both feel embarrassed.

Dadu tells Lakshmi that he had seen her in HALWAI shop when she gave sweets to Karan Luthra and his wife. He says he was very impressed by her. Lakshmi introduces herself. He asks if she is married yet. Lakshmi tells that he is married and introduces him to Rishi. Malishka is shocked to see Lakshmi. Lakshmi wishes Dadu and touches his feet. Dadu says Lakshmi is Rishi’s Heer. Malishka says she is also Heer. Rishi says she is looking more like Simran from DDLJ.

Abhay asks Kiran why she did not tell him about Rishi’s wedding. She says he cannot be Malishka’s father just by paying for her expenses. Malishka complains to Kiran why she asked her to dress up as Heer. Kiran tells her to calm down. Rishi follows her. Malishka tells him not to repeat the same things to her. Rishi says he did not come to talk to her nonsense, but just to get water and goes away. He gives water to Lakshmi as she was thirsty on the way. Dadu says God has made their couple.

Viraj introduces Ayush to Dadu. Dad thinks Shalu is his girlfriend. Lakshmi tells that Shalu is her sister. Rishi is surprised that Lakshmi made sweets for Dadu. He says she is very smart, a complete Mumbai chi Mulgi. Kiran tells Malishka to do something to win Rishi back. Malishka thinks she should make him jealous by getting close to Viraj.

Dadu tells Viraj that he loved Lakshmi for Viraj when he first saw her before her marriage. He says such good girls are not found these days. He says he kept looking for her, but he could not find her, but even Rishi is a good guy. Rishi and Lakshmi go together. Malishka sees them.

Episode ends