Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 14 October 2021 written update – Sai is not able to speak

At the beginning of the episode, Virat says when she recovers fully, he will take her to Gadchiroli but only if she wants. Virat tells Sai to take her medicine. He asks her when he will get to listen to her voice. He tells Sai that he had decided not to see her but came in only because she wanted him too. She says he will go, but Sai stops him by holding his hand. Sai finally takes her medicine.

Virat makes Sai sit straight and takes care of her. Pakhi and others look at them from outside. Ashwini wishes they must stay together like this forever. Mansi tells Ashwini that Bhawani went to the temple to pray for Sai’s recovery. Ashwini is touched. Bhawani says Virat is her son too and she is worried about both Virat and Sai.

Virat makes Sai’s hair. Samrat wonders who taught Virat how to braid hair. Ashwini says Devi taught him and he used to braid her hair when she would be sick. Shivani asks Samrat that he should also learn how to braid hair for Pakhi. Pakhi snaps at her and says if Shivani wants her also to be in the hospital. Shivani and Pakhi argue again. Pakhi says she got late as she got flowers for Sai. She thinks she will keep these flowers between Virat and Sai, so that they feel her presence between them.

Virat tells Sai that Devi taught her to make braids, as Ashwini always wanted a girl. Sai remembers how her father used to oil her hair and gets emotional. Virat gets worried and says he will go out if she does not want to see his face. Sai stops him again.

Ninad says he is happy to see that her point of view about Sai is changing. He says it is easy to misunderstand Sai and they all were late in understanding her. Shivani says he realized his mistake and also accepted it.

Ashwini wonders why Sai is not able to speak. Samrat says he will find out. He asks everyone to go back, and he will stay there to talk to a doctor. Pakhi says she will stay back with Samrat and come back home with him.

Virat guesses that Sai is missing her father. He asks her if he made her plait as good as Kamal sir. He clicks her picture and shows it to her. Sai cries again. Virat comforts her. Sai smiles. Samrat tells Pakhi to go in and meet Sai. Pakhi thinks Sai and Virat will have a problem with her. Samrat says if her intentions are right, no one will have a problem with her.

Samrat asks the doctor what Sai is not speaking. The doctor says this could be psychological and they must consult a psychiatrist. Pulkit explains that Sai was going through trauma at the house. Samrat asks if Virat is aware of this and what if she is never able to speak. Pulkit says he will get the best doctors for Sai. He says Sai is a fighter and a strong girl and she will overcome this hurdle too.

Virat tells Sai to rest and gets up to go. Sai stops him. Pakhi comes in. Sai leaves Virats’ hand. Virat asks why she left his hand. Pakhi asks Sai how she is. She says it seems Sai needed Vitamin V and she sat up at seeing him. She says she came here to check on Sai and Virat as he never came home after her accident. Virat says if she has checked on Sai, she may leave.

Episode ends

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