Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 20 September 2021 written update – Samrat defends Sai

At the beginning of the episode, Pandit ji tells Pakhi to do something for puja, but she is distracted. Samrat tells her to do so again. Pandit ji tells everyone to close their eyes and pray for the couple’s happiness. Ashwini and Pulkit tell Sai to sit near Virat, but she resists. Devi forces her to sit there. Pakhi sees Sai next to Virat and again gets distracted. Puja finishes. Samrat tells everyone that no one will say anything to Sai except him. Ashwini tells Sai to go and get fresh. Virat says Sai cannot go anywhere without answering his questions, as she is his wife. Samrat says he would not have locked her if he considered her as his wife. Ninad asks Sai what was the need to risk her life like that. Bhavani says what the would neighbours think if they saw her going down through a pipe. Sai says they would have understood that there must be some reason.

Virat says now only he will talk to Sai. Virat asks Sai why she did so. Samrat asks him to stop as what he did is a criminal offense of domestic violence. Everyone is shocked. Samrat says Virat has not physically harmed Sai, but he has mentally harassed her. He asks if Sai did something wrong then he would have been responsible. Pulkit says Virat was wrong so he should not stretch this. Virat says how much more can Sai hurt him, all she does is threaten him of leaving. Devi scolds Virat for locking Sai.

Virat asks Sai that all he asked her was to participate in the puja and she could not even listen to him. He asks what if she had died. Sai says she has grown in a village and has climbed trees all her life. Sai says it was important for her to go to college. Virat says she just wanted to win.

Pakhi tells Sai that she just wanted to spoil her happiness. Samrat screams at Pakhi for trivializing what happened to Sai. He says Sai did not make any mistakes. Bhavani says if he continues supporting Sai, she will get emboldened even further. Samrat says they should be grateful that nothing happened to Sai. Virat says he requested her a hundred times to not go to college. Sai says it was not a request, but an order. She says he accepts every order of his and he can not accept that she defied him. Virat says he has had enough now. Devi tells Sai to come to her house to live.

Pakhi tells Virat that he is fighting a lost cause and Sai will never understand. Samrat screams at her that Sai is also a part of this family and what is her problem with Sai. Pakhi is shocked, but he says he needs answers to his questions. Mansi intervenes and tells Pakhi to go to her room with her mother.

Pakhi’s mother asks why Samrat was talking to her like that. Pakhi tells her not to worry. Pakhi’s mother says it does not appear that Samrat and her are together. Samrat asks Pakhi’s mother what she means. She makes excuses and says they used to be sad to see Pakhi all alone in every function. She says she was happy to see them together at the puja. Pakhi says she also felt the same. Samrat says he left many things incomplete and he came here to complete those. Samrat says it was unfair on Pakhi when he left the very next day. Vaishali says things will be better now that he is back. Mansi comes there and says she agrees. He tells them to focus on their new life. Mansi says every decision should be both his and Pakhi’s. Pakhi says if Samrat wants to go back to Mahabaleshwar, then she will also go along.

Episode ends

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