Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 22 September 2021 written update – Sai and Pakhi have an altercation

At the beginning of the episode, Virat says her presence affects him and that is why he wants to go away. Sai says Pakhi is the reason for his going away. Virat says Pakhi is gone from his life long back. Both of them blame each other for being frustrated. Sai says she will speak to DIG and get his transfer again. Virat is shocked and says what she thinks of himself. He asks how she manipulates everyone. Sai says if he wants to see manipulation, he should see Pakhi. Virat asks why she always brings Pakhi into every conversation. Sai says that name has always been there between them and will always be. Sai thinks Virat is losing his mental balance because of losing Pakhi.

Virat irons his uniform. Pakhi comes to their room and wonders why there is no pillow on the bed. Pakhi says she got tea for both of them. Sai thanks her. Pakhi sees Sai’s bed on the floor. Sai says she does not have to interfere in their personal matters. Pakhi says she is making breakfast today, so she came to call them. Virat says if there is anything special today. Pakhi says she is very happy these days, so she wants to do this.

Pakhi thinks Virat is looking disturbed, as she is looking happy. Sai says she has to go to college. Pakhi says she has made something special for the whole family. Sai says she is not part of the family and wants to stay away. Pakhi says even yesterday she stole her limelight, and it does not bother her anymore but it happened in front of her mother. Sai says everyone anyway calls her JUNGLEE, so she should know that there is always drama around her. Pakhi says it appears so as their beds are separate. Sai says she has said this before too. Pakhi advises Sai to remove the bed in the morning. Sai says she cannot pretend like her. Sai goes to iron her clothes. Pakhi shouts at her for not looking at her. Pakhi asks what she meant. Sai says Pakhi knows the meaning well. Pakhi curses the day Sai came in Virat’s life, in her mind.

Pakhi asks if there is a problem between Virat and her. Virat asks Pakhi what is the need to interfere between them. Pakhi says she couldn’t stop herself as this is not normal. Virat says there is nothing normal between him and Sai. Sai says she never knew Pakhi was so concerned about Virat and her relationship. Pakhi says she shouldn’t have spoken, as she wants a normal relationship between her and Samrat. Sai says she keeps repeating this every now and then. Virat gestures her to stop. Sai says Pakhi’s behavior is making her lose patience. Pakhi asks Virat why Sai always insults her. Virat says it is because she deserves it. He says they are both responsible for their argument. Virat says why she was forcing Sai to go down when she knows Sai doe snot appreciate her gesture. Pakhi says she just wanted to thank him, as Samrat is a good man. Virat wonders everyone is reaching their destination, but Sai still does not understand him. Pakhi asks Sai to come again otherwise Samrat will think she did not invite her. Pakhi says Samrat is very smart and he understands everything.

Pakhi says she has no problem with her. Sai says it is not possible. Sai says she is not a part of this family. Pakhi says that on one hand she demands the rights, and on the other hand she talks about leaving the house. Pakhi says she did not allow her when Virat was in the hospital. Sai says it is because Pakhi was trying to take her place beside Virat. She hesitates and says her patient. Virat tells Pakhi to go down and start the breakfast and he will join them in a while. Sai says she is getting late for college.

Sai asks Virat for all her financial documents. Sai says she wants to free him from this burden. Virat says she cannot decide what is a burden for him. Virat gives up and gives all the documents to her. Sai thanks him for taking her responsibility. Virat asks what she plans to do, as she may regret her actions. Sai says he need not worry and should focus on his future. Sai says she will not be a stumbling block in his way anymore.

Episode ends

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