Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 23 September 2021 written update – Sai gets criticized

At the beginning of the episode, everyone has breakfast together. Bhavani praises Pakhi for making a new recipes. Pakhi says it is her mother’s recipe. Ashwini says why she did not make it earlier. Samrat also praises him. Virat says it is nice to have something different. Pakhi asks Devi to join everyone. Devi says she will eat with Sai. Bhavani tells Devi to have breakfast, as she needs to have medicine. Shivani asks Pakhi if she invited Sai for breakfast. Pakhi says Sai refused to come. Samrat asks why Sai did not come. Pakhi says she thinks it is because she made the breakfast.

Ashwini says it could be because Sai is a little disturbed these days. Samrat asks why Sai is disturbed. Sonali again says Sai ran away from the room. Bhavani says Sai did wrong to interfere in Virat’s official matters. Samrat says Virat is there with them only because of Sai. Omkar and Ninad say Sai crosses her limits all the time. Samrat says why all of them are criticizing Sai. Virat finally tells them to stop talking about his transfer. Samrat asks Virat why he has become so irritable unlike before. Ashwini tells everyone to calm down and she will take Sai’s breakfast to her room. Virat stops her. Sai comes and tells Ashwini she is not hungry and is getting late for college. Ashwini brings her by ear and feeds her breakfast.

Sonali says Ashwini does too much for Sai. Bhavani says her pampering has spoilt Sai. Ashwini says from the next day, no excuse as Ganapati puja is starting. Sai says there will be no excuse from the next day. Pakhi says if Sai refused to eat because she made the breakfast. She asks Sai to tell Samrat that she invited her. Sai says so and says Samrat is very smart. Sai says everyone is so happy because Pakhi made the breakfast, but if she and Ashwini make breakfast, no one praises anything. Bhavani asks her to stop taunting as everyone is happy. Sai says all his will not happen from the next day. Virat asks her what is her plan the next day, is she planning to leave the house again. Ashwini says it is because Ganapati Bappa is coming tomorrow,

Samrat tells Virat to eat fast so that they can go to get the idol. Virat is happy to hear this. Samrat says if Sai took some medicine for her illness. Sai says she has taken the medicine and it will soon show effects. Sai thinks she cannot even tell anyone that she will leave this house without telling anyone. Sai says he has to go now. Pakhi says Sai did not like what she made, so she will eat something in the canteen.

Sai says Pakhi must write her biography as she knows more about her than herself. Devi says it is not mandatory that everyone likes what Pakhi made. Pakhi says what Devi says hurts her. Devi says she only tells the truth and Pakhi’s taunts also hurt Sai. Bhavani tells Devi to stop. Sai tells Devi to not support her unnecessarily or she will get scolded. Virat tells Sai not to overreact, as Bhavani only scolded Devi for the way she talked. Sai tell him to focus on what she said and not how she said it. Sai says she will still say sorry if he thinks she overreacted. She says all this will not happen from the next day. Shivani gets worried about why Sai is saying this again and again.

Episode ends

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