Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 24 September 2021 written update – Ganesh Chaturthi festivities begin

At the beginning of the episode, Sai asks the Dean about her transfer. Deen says he does want to lose a bright student like her. Pulkit tells the Dean that he also tried to convince her but she has made up her mind. Deen gives Sai her transfer certificate. Sai says she will not be able to solve her problems unless she leaves Nagpur. Pulkit says she can stay with Devi and him. Sai says everyone will bother them if she lives there.

Ashwini, Pakhi, and others prepare for Ganesh Chaturthi. Devi comes and asks for Sai. Ashwini tells her that Sai went to college in front of her. Bhavani says she had to go even today. Ashwini says she will come back in time. Ashwini tells Devi to make RANGOLI.

Pulkit says his friend’s house is vacant and he can talk to him for letting her stay. Sai thanks Deen and Pulkit. Bhavani supervises the preparations. They wait for Ganapati Bappa to arrive. Doorbell rings. Pakhi goes to the door with AARTI THALI, but Sai is on the door. Ashwini tells Sai that she arrived just in time.

Samrat and Virat bring Ganapati Bappa. Samrat invited some street kids to celebrate the Ganapati festival with the Chavan family. One of the girls say that they have come to meet Virat here, not just to eat. Virat goes to meet them. The girl says she has come to meet Virat and Sai. Virat asks them their names. The girl’s name is Cheeku. Virat asks why she wanted to meet him. Cheeku says she had heard that he is a good police officer so she wanted to ask how to find someone lost. He asks who she wants to find. Cheeku says she wants to find her mother. Virat tells her that he will instruct a police inspector to help find her mother. She thanks Virat. Virat shows her the Ganapati idol. Virat tells Cheeku to pray to Him to help find her mother soon. Cheeku says she will pray. Cheeku says they are taking Bappa inside without any dance and music. Virat and Cheeku dance to welcome Bappa. Other children also join them.

They finally come inside. Pakhi thinks she will get a chance to do AARTI of Virat along with Bappa. She goes with THALI but Ashwini stops her and calls Sai. She says Virat has got the idol, so his wife must do the AARTI. Bhavani nods in agreement. Pakhi is disappointed as Ashwini gives the THALI to Sai. Ashwini scolds Sai to not welcome Bappa with a long face. Sai says sorry and does the welcome puja for Virat and Ganapati Bappa. Sai and Virat take Bappa inside. They make Bappa sit in the temple. Ashwini tells Pakhi to make MODAK for Bappa. Pakhi says she will do it, after all, Bappa will not refuse her food, unlike some people. Samrat says why she always taunts. Pakhi says she was only joking, as Sai likes MODAK a lot but she will not have if she makes it. Virat says he will make MODAK as Samrat has not had them. Samrat says he is looking forward to eating them. Pakhi asks Samrat that he is the elder son, then why he did not bring Ganapati ji. Bhavani says Samrat will do the puja, so she asked Virat to bring the idol. Pakhi thinks she will show Virat the pain of losing someone when she does puja with Samrat.

Episode ends

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