Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 25 September 2021 written update – Sai prepares to leave Chavan Nivas

At the beginning of the episode, Sai packs her stuff in her room. Devi comes and asks her what she is doing. Devi says she knows Sai is planning her outfit for the next day. Sai tells her that she is packing. Devi asks her where she is going and if she can come along with her. Sai says she cannot take her. Devi asks if Sai is leaving the house. Sai says she is finally leaving the house. Devi says she will not let her go and tell everyone. Sai stops her and requests her not to tell anyone. Sai says this is their secret, so she cannot tell this to anyone. Devi becomes emotional. Sai says this is a game and Devi promises not to tell anyone. Sai gives Devi a code that someone can say to find out the secret. Devi asks if she is leaving Virat also. Sai says she is doing this for everyone’s happiness. Devi says she gave her all the happiness and now she herself is breaking her marriage. Devi picks up Sai’s father’s picture and asks him to tell Sai not to go. Sai starts crying and says if her father was alive, he wouldn’t allow her to stay in a loveless marriage.

Pakhi tells Samrat that she wants to get ready nicely as Samrat is going to do the puja. Samrat says it is her wish and she always looks nice. Pakhi thanks him. Samrat says he is telling the truth and he instantly liked her when he saw her for the first time. Samrat asks her why she asked him that he did not bring the idol. Pakhi wonders if he has guessed that she wanted to do Virat’s AARTI. Pakhi tells him that she never got a chance to do his AARTI and she wanted to do this now.

Devi hugs Sai and asks her to come and meet her. Sai says she might even stay in Nagpur, then she will come to meet her, Pulkit, and Harini. Virat comes just then and is surprised to see Devi there. He tells Devi to sleep there and he can sleep somewhere else. Devi says he must stay with Sai at least tonight. Virat asks what she means. Sai gestures to Devi not to tell. Devi says it is because Ganapati puja is there. Virat says she must tell it to Sai who was even doing AARTI with a long face. Sai says she did it nicely after Ashwini told her. Virat says why she went off when everyone was talking about MODAK. Sai says Pakhi brought her name unnecessarily. Virat says she always questions Pakhi’s actions but never her own. Sai says he is there to question every action of hers after all. Virat says she should not give this impression that he is after her. Devi tells him to calm down. Virat says he cannot do stuff just to please anyone. Sai asks Devi to go down. Devi asks if she will be alright. Sai says she is very brave and Devi need not worry about her. Sai gestures to her to keep their secret. Devi goes.

Sai asks Virat what he wanted to say. Virat says Kamal sir was such a good officer and mentor, but he gave her too much freedom. Sai says he can never match her father. She says he should see a psychiatrist for anger management issues. Sai says there is no relationship between them and he has no right to comment on her. Virat goes from the room. Sai cries and thinks if she stayed in Nagpur, she will have to continue facing Virat’s behavior, so she must take this tough decision.

Episode ends

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