Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 28 October 2021 written update – Virat and Sai give nicknames to each other nickname

At the beginning of the episode, Virat says he is not her slave but her friend. Virat sets up the whole room. Sai thanks him for his help. She says everything seems new in this room. Virat says she wanted to start a new life without him so BAPPA made her wish come true. Sai reminds him that Ashwini told them not to think of what has happened.

Sai calls him Virat sir. So he tells her to call him just Virat as they are friends now. Sai hesitates, so Virat asks her to try. Sai says she cannot do it. Virat calls her Sai ma’am. Sai says what if she gave him a nickname. Virat asks what nickname. Sai calls him Modak. Virat does like it. Sai says she is like coconut, hard from outside but soft from inside. Virat says he will also give her a nickname. Sai asks what. Virat tells her to close her eyes and feeds her chili. Virat gives her the name Mirchi. He says she is just like chili, as people’s life is boring without spice. He says they will be a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

Virat says all these new things are fine but she should not forget her medicines. Sai says she had her medicine. Virat checks her medicine and she has not taken it. Sai says medicines make her drowsy and she is tired of resting. Virat scolds her and makes her have the medicine. Virat says Sai must take them regularly to recover fast.

Sai says she wants to start going to college again. Virat reminds her that she has taken her transfer certificate, so which college will she go to. Sai asks him not to remind her of things she wants to forget. She tells him to leave her alone. Virat says he be back to check if she has taken her medicine.

Samrat comes to Sai’s room and asks how she is. Samrat apologizes to her for not being there at the time of her discharge. Sai says he did too much for her at the hospital. She says he is her elder brother so how can he apologize to his younger sister. Sai says she used to feel lonely after her father’s demise but he and others in the family made her feel that she belongs.
Sai complains about Virat to Samrat. Samrat scolds Virat. Virat tells Samrat that she did not take her medicine. Samrat scolds Sai for not taking medicine. Sai and Virat argue in front of Samrat. Sai tells Samrat that she gave Virat the name Modak. Samrat laughs and is surprised to know that they have become friends.

Virat tells him that Ashwini asks them to be friends first. Samrat loves the idea as friendship makes the best relationship. Samrat asks what name Virat gave to Sai. Samrat and Virat laugh at her name Mirchi.

Pakhi comes there. Sai asks if she came to meet her in her new room. Pakhi says she has no interest to meet her, she just came to ask her husband. She asks Samrat if he will go to drop her mother. Samrat says he just came to check on Sai and she should also ask Sai how she is. Pakhi says she does not pretend as she can see Sai is fine. Pakhi says she will book a cab for her mother as he seems too busy.

Samrat says she should set an example as the eldest daughter-in-law. Pakhi says everything is going in reverse these days. Bhawani comes there and asks Pakhi what she means. Pakhi says she was just thinking about what happened in puja today. Bhawani tells Samrat to take Pakhi along when he drops Vaishali.

Bhawani tells Sai that she came to meet her. Sai is surprised and says God is too kind to her. Sai says she wanted to thank her for making a special MODAK for her. Bhawani feels happy that they liked what she made. Sai hugs Bhawani and thanks to her again. Bhawani feels emotional. Virat also thanks her for praying for Sai’s recovery. Bhawani goes. Virat tells her to sleep. Sai also tells him to sleep as he must be tired. They say good night and Virat goes to his room. Sai tells her father that she found a new friend today.

Episode ends

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