Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 3 December 2021 written update – Sai’s emotional farewell to Virat

At the beginning of the episode, Bhawani says she will not do AARTI, but Sai will do. She says when a wife prays for the safety of her husband, God always listens. Sai does AARTI with trembling hands. Sai thinks of the last time Virat got shot and THALI almost falls. Bhawani rebukes her for being weak. She tells her to be strong as an IPS officer’s wife. Sai thinks she cannot be weak and puts on Virat’s cap and does AARTI.

Virat asks if she is thinking about the last mission. He tells her not to be scared, as their friendship will protect him. He tells her to smile. Sai puts MAULI on his wrist. Sai asks him to promise her that he will come back to her. Devi asks him to promise as he never breaks his promises. Virat promises her and asks Sai to promise him that she will take care of herself.

Virat turns to go back. Sai stops him and gives him a tiffin for the way. Mansi says Ashwini also used to give LADDUS for Ninad like this. Sai hugs Virat emotionally. Sonali says they have started again. Virat ignores her and hugs Sai back. He tells her to miss him. Sai comes out with Virat. Virat assures her that nothing will happen to him. Sai says she will wait for him. Virat leaves.

Mansi and others pray for Virat’s safe return. Pakhi says Sai’s hands trembled while doing AARTI and a bad omen almost happened, so Diwali puja should be done by someone else, not Sai. Bhawani agrees. Ashwini tells Bhawani that she requested her to let Sai and Virat stay in separate rooms, but she did not agree and as a result, Virat had to go for the mission before Sai could shift. Bhawani scolds her. She tells Pakhi and Samrat to do puja and others couples too. Sai misses Virat.

Sai unpacks her stuff in Virat’s room and thinks of Virat. She sees the pillows on the bed which Virat had put. Virat looks at the tiffin and thinks of Sai. Sai opens her gift, a perfume, which Virat had kept for her. Virat opens the tiffin which has fried MODAK and a note from her. Sai also reads Virat’s note. He told her to study well.

Sai thinks of calling him but hesitates as he must be traveling with his colleagues. Virat eats the MODAK. His colleagues smile. He offers them too. They tell Virat that they are relieved to have him with them, as today was Diwali. Virat says for police officers, duty comes before anything. Surve says, their families make even bigger sacrifices than them. Pakhi comes to Sai’s room and asks if she is missing Virat.

Episode ends

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