Harssh A Singh shares why the small role of Chautala in Special Ops 1.5 is important in his career

Actor Haarsh A Singh is delighted to receive positive feedback on his portrayal of Chautala in Neeraj Pandey’s Special Ops 1.5: The Himmat Story. Singh has shared the screen with a stalwart like Kay Kay Menon in the series and had a great time on the set. Speaking about the experience he had with the cast of Special Ops he says,”I shot only for 2 days with them but had such a wonderful time. I’m a big big fan of Neeraj Pandey’s work and I agreed to do this small role only because of him. But Kay Kay sir was the icing on the cake. The level of detail that goes into the way Neeraj shoots is incredible. For one shot we had the background people performing the entries and exits and perfecting that for at least half an hour with the camera crew before we actually took our shot. With such long complicated handheld shots, the sound needs to be perfect and then actors have to know their lines, their beats, their marks because the handheld camera will come to you maybe 3 minutes after the director has started shooting the take. Imagine if you goof up then what will happen? I mean the director and the cast and the crew and all the people involved in the action will have to start the whole scene again. It’s a labour of love.”

He also adds,”We rehearsed like crazy. The fun part is that actors like Kay Kay are such secure performers that it’s so much fun. I played Chautala  – a character who had to intimidate Kay Kay. First of all – this is Kay Kay Menon..but people who know me are aware that I am never intimidated by anyone. So I gave full aggression and instead of being thrown, or taken by surprise, Kay Kay sir just jumped into the rehearsal and responded accordingly. Once the shoot was done, Kay Kay came up to me and asked me if I have had any training with the Police services because he thought I got the mannerisms and the accent correct. Then he said – mazaa ayaa.. That was all the highlight of the shoot for me and what better feedback could I have asked for.”

Singh has been consistently doing great work on OTT platforms. This year he has been also part of Mumbai  Diaries 26/11 and State of Siege: Temple Attack.