Imlie 18th September 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Imlie 18th September 2023 Written Update on Tellytadka , In the beginning, Mamaji tells Imlie that after gathering Ashu’s treatment fees, she will leave the job as he fears she will face any arrogant and misbehaving man in a bar. Imlie says she faced one today and angrily says if she sees him again, she will smash him out. Mamaji says that’s like his daughter and says let’s let Ashu sleep now. Agastya reaches home and angrily orders his assistant that that shameless girl shouldn’t come in front of him again. He walks into home and finds lights off. Daadi with whole family walks to him with aarti and says surprise.. She wishes him happy birthday, performs his aarti, and blesses him. She asks him if London people don’t hug. Agastya hugs her. Daadi asks her to stay back and take care of her and their family business.

Daadi then asks Agastya to take everyone’s blessings. Agastya touches his stepmother Alka’s feet. Alka refuses to bless him. Daadi asks if she will not bless her son. Alka says he is her step son, there is a difference between own son and stepson, Annapurna devi’s grandson has returned and not her son. Daadi asks Agastya not to feel bad as Alka lost her son. Govind chachu meets Agastya next. Agastya touches his feet. Govind asks him not to touch his feet and remind his age and hugs him. Agastya then talks to his chachi/aunt Rajni. His jijaji/BIL walks in next and asks him if he got an English liquor. Manno Bua joins next and asks BIL to call him August. She jokes with her broken English and asks him if he didn’t bring English phupa/uncle. Daadi scolds Manno. Servant Jagadish joins him next. Agastya hugs him and asks how is work. Jagadish says he has to work whole day and gives him someone’s gift. Agastya finds silver coin in it and says he has to respect this gift and walks towards terrace.

Pallo throws water on Imlie and wakes her up. She yells at her to clean the house soon. Imlie cleans the house hurriedly and thinks she slept at 3 a.m. and maami woke her up so early. She notices it’s already 7:45 a.m. and rushes to meet Bunty. Agastya walks to a wrestling ground where Sikandar wrestles with wrestlers and defeats them. Host says Sikandar won his 100th fight and completed his shagun. Agastys says its called shagun if he wins 101 match and challenges him for a fight. Host asks if anyone is willing to bet on this English wrestler. Agastya’s sister walks in and says she will. Agastya wrestles with Sikandar. Sikandar overpowers him twice. Sister gets happy seeing. Agastya gets angry looking at her gifted silver coin, lifts Sikandar on his shoulder, and pins him down. Host announces him a winner.

Sister gets angry seeing Agastya winning. Agastya taunts her that her brother is habituated to win from his childhood and she is habituated to lose. Sister says he is he stepbrother and says he studied in a business school for 5 years, but she studied business for 10 years; he may win a wrestling match, but she won businesses and expanded their family business to new heights. Agastya asks her to mail him all the reports. Sister asks why shall she report him when she grew this business. Agastya says she used unethical practices to grow the business and he doesn’t like it.

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