Imlie 20 October 2021 written update – Imlies tests for Pranav.

At the beginning of the episode, Imlie comes into the kitchen where Pranav is doing something in the kitchen where Imlie asks him about what he is doing where Pranav said that he is making tea for Rupali. Imlie said that everyone takes the tea before sometimes where Radha comes there and asks Pranav to come with her and said to him. Imlie goes to throw the water where they didn’t see the color in the sink. Imlie didn’t notice the color and leaves from there.

Everyone is thinking about Rupali and said that how could Rupali forgive him. Aparna said that she takes care of her from childhood and said that she doesn’t feel like that Rupali shouldn’t go with Pranav early. Radha said that she didn’t force her where Radha convinces everyone. Malini comes there and told everyone that maybe Rupali forgive her and said that she will be happy with him. Malini shares her own experience with everything with them. Malini said that she missed everyone when she left them.

Imlie comes to meet Aditya and tries to go inside the room where Aditya comes there and said that why she is thinking so much. She said that because she doesn’t trust him anymore. Aditya gets emotional where Imlie said that it will take time to forget everything and said that he trusts Malini. Imlie says that she wants to take a test of Pranav before they go to their home.

Imlie told everyone that she wants to take the Pranav test where everyone support Imlie. Radha says that is why she is taking tests. Imlie questions Pranav where Imlie starts questioning him. Rupali and Pranav start giving tests where Pranav gives wrong answers. Imlie says that he doesn’t know her anymore. Pranav looks on. Imlie says that Rupali will not go with him until he proves that he loves Rupali.

Malini takes Pranav side and said that according to time everything changes where Aparna takes Imlie’s side and said that she can’t send Rupali easily with him where Malini said that Imlie misbehaves with Pranav where Aparna said that when he left her then they will get insulted that why they should take time before sending Rupali.

Pranav think’s that Imlie ruins everything and said that how could he find the Pendrive on time where Imlie thinks that Pranav is not good and decides to keep eye on him. Pranav thinks that he has to find the Pendrive before night otherwise he will get into trouble.

Upcoming story: Aditya told everyone that the pen drive has all the proof and told the media about the criminal. Harish asks her to take his name. Aditya told his name to everyone where Pranav looks on.

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