Imlie 22 October 2021 written update – Rupali goes against Imlie

At the beginning of the episode, Imlie told Rupali that Pranav is lying to her and said that he stole the card from Dhruv’s room. Imlie says that Pranav comes with motive. Malini comes there and said that Imlie doesn’t want anyone happy and starts arguing with Imlie. She said that she never understand the pain of them and Said that the one who snatches the husband will never understand the pain. Malini says to Imlie that she misguide Rupali and asks her to let her be happy. Malini says because of her she lost Aditya. Imlie says that she didn’t do anything with her. Malini shouts at Imlie and said that she is the home breaker. Rupali asks them to stop. Rupali told Imlie that she wants to be with Pranav where Rupali said that why she doesn’t support her and made her remember that she supported her every time and asks her not to interfere. Malini thinks that she should do something between them so that Imlie will become alone.

Imlie comes to Aditya and thinks that Aditya will listen to her or not where Aditya’s boss asks him to give the pen drive to the office so that the pen drive will get safe. Imlie comes to take Pendrive where Pranav decides to take it first. Imlie is trying to take Pendrive but someone rang the bell. The police come into the house where Pranav gets tense. Everyone asks Imlie that why she is calling the police here. The police told them that Imlie invite them here. Everyone gets happy.

Imlie notices Pranav where she saw Pranav near Durga Mata idol where Pranav takes the Pendrive where Pranav is about to fall and the pen drive falls from there. Imlie noticed that maybe he stole the Pendrive.

Rupali comes to show Pranav that she decided to go on a tour for some time where Pranav asks her to book the resort. Rupali asks him to see this first but Pranav is trying to take Pendrive. Rupali said that he came here for her but he is busy doing something. Imlie comes there and told Rupali that he is not the right person. Imlie says that he steals the Pendrive and asks Rupali to check him. Rupali says that she is not going to do anything where Imlie asks her to do. Pranav argues with Imlie and said that why she is following him from the first day where Rupali asks her not to do anything against Pranav. Imlie tries to make her understand but Rupali asks Imlie to leave from there. Pranav takes the Pendrive and keeps it. Aditya asks Imlie to give the Pendrive where Imlie says that she doesn’t have a pen drive. Aditya gets shocked.

Upcoming story: the police take Aditya to the police station where Imlie said that why he is taking him the police said that the drugs are found in Aditya’s room.

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