Imlie 26 November 2021 written update – Imlie becomes homeless

At the beginning of the episode, Imlie comes to the hostel where the warden accuses Imlie for lying to her where she said that she is roaming around a rich man and said that she is working with a rich man and doing something with him. Imlie gets angry and said that why she is focusing on her where the warden snatches Imlie’s bag and throws and said that the rich man pays Imlie for staying with him. Imlie says that why women can’t work and shout at her. Imlie says that to her that if she is a working woman then she is also doing the same where the warden gets Angry and asks Imlie to leave where the warden throws Imlie’s out of the hostel.

Aditya is working in the office where Nishant calls and asks him to come home for a surprise where Aditya says that he is not coming. Rupali says that is why he is behaving like this. Malini gets happy where she calls the warden and said that her work is done or not. The warden says that she did exactly what she said. Malini gets happy.

Imlie comes to the road and starts crying about being homeless where she thinks that where should she go. Imlie thinks that she should call Aditya but she recalls that she cannot go back to him. Mithi calls Imlie and said that she is fine, Imlie says that she is fine whereas Dulari says that she should stay in the office so that she will not get late. Imlie thinks something and asks her to cut call and goes to the office.

Rupali and Nishant are planning to go to meet Imlie where Tripathi’s gets happy. Rupali and Nishant says that he will become late. Malini thinks that their party will get ruined soon where Nishant calls Imlie and said that Imlie is busy today so their plan is canceled.
Aditya is doing something with Imlie’s article where Aryan comes to him and shows that he also hang the article on board where Aditya asks to focus on other intern where Aryan says that Imlie has some potential that’s why he is focusing on her. Aryan and Aditya comes outside where Aryan sees Imlie where Imlie hides herself where Imlie thinks that why didn’t they go . Aryan says to Aditya see something and leaves from there.

Imlie comes inside the office where she gets happy to see everything. Imlie tries to clean the office and sees Aditya. Imlie starts cleaning Aryan’s table.

Upcoming story: Aryan comes to Imlie and said that what she is doing and said that why she is looking like she bath here. Imlie looks on.

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