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Imlie is a girl from Pagdandia who is struggling to make her own identity. She wants to study and become so successful so that she can give all the luxuries to her mother. Imlie is a kind-hearted girl. Imlie wants to study and she is a very intelligent girl, but due to some circumstances, she got married to Aditya who doesn’t give her name.

We saw that Pranav comes to Rupali and starts to apologize to her where Imlie and everyone gets Shocked. Everyone asked Pranav that why did he come after a long time. Rupali starts crying where everyone questions Pranav but he comes there for the Pendrive. He thinks that he has to pretend until the Pendrive is found. Pranav saves Rupali from the accident where Radha believes that he is feeling guilty and wants back Rupali in his life.

Imlie doubts on Pranav where Rupali decides to go with Pranav. Everyone gets happy and asks Rupali to think once where Imlie prays for Rupali and said that she should think once before going with him. Malini asked her that why she is coming between them where Aditya takes Imlie’s side and asks her to do what she wants. Imlie says that she is going to test him then she will decide something.

Later, Imlie told everyone that Pranav has to give a test before apologizing to Rupali and said that he has to pass the test. Pranav failed the test where Imlie asked him to know Rupali until he knows her well. Aparna support Imlie where Harish said that he has to live in his house for some time. Pranav thinks to take the pen drive where Imlie doubts on him

Imlie starts doing Pooja and starts singing where Aparna comes and starts singing with her. Imlie gets surprised where everyone did the aarti with Imlie. Aparna asked Imlie to invite everyone where she goes to invite the neighbors. Pranav gives card to Rupali where Rupali gets happy. Imlie sees the card and remembers that Pranav takes the card from Dhruv’s room and thinks that why he lied to her. Imlie confesses it to Rupali but Rupali misunderstood Imlie. Malini comes to Rupali and asked Imlie not to come in Between their relationship.

Later, Malini and Imlie argue where Malini said that she ruined her life and said that she gives her pain where Rupali asked them to stop fighting and asked Imlie not to interfere in all this. Malini thinks to destroy their bonding and decides to make it happen.

Later, Pranav is trying to take the pen drive where Imlie comes to know that he stole the pendrive where Imlie asked Rupali to check him once where Rupali gets angry st Imlie. Aditya asked Imlie to bring pendrive but Imlie said that she doesn’t know where it is. Aditya gets Shocked.

Malini blames Imlie for inviting too much people where Malini tries to manipulate him but Aditya takes Imlie’s side and asks her to see the truth. Malini gets angry. Aditya gets arrested in drugs case where Pranav told Imlie that he did this. Pranav tries to escape but Imlie holds him and try to not let him go. Anu taunts Mithi where Mithi shuts Anu’s mouth where Dev gets happy. Imlie thinks that Pranav will escape where Imlie start fighting with Pranav where the police takes them inside the lockup.

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