Kumkum Bhagaya 13 October 2021 written update – Alia gives advice to Rhea

At the beginning of the episode, Rhea calls Alia and asks her to meet her at the backside of Kohli’s house. There she tells Alia that Pallavi has asked her to go to Manali for a honeymoon with Siddharth. She says that she said all this when they decided to get divorced. Alia says that this is not the right time to take divorce from Siddharth. She says Siddharth is the bridge between her and Ranbir, because of him she is able to talk to Ranbir. She says that she needs to go close to Siddharth. Rhea says she can’t do this.

Then Alia advises Rhea to plant a seed of doubt in Prachi’s mind. She tells her that in Manali she has to manage things so that she can take Ranbir in her room and Prachi sees them. She says that she was also in the same situation where she is today. Later, Rhea goes to say sorry to Siddharth. Siddharth says that she doesn’t need to say anything because he has decided to get divorced. Rhea says that she was angry that’s why she said those things to her. She says she wasn’t right.

She tells him that there is a lack of communication between them and for that they should go on this trip and give their relationship a second chance, to which Siddharth agreed. Rhea gets to know that Prachi is doesn’t want to go on honeymoon. So she makes a plan. She discusses with Shaina about the relationship of Ranbir and Prachi outside the room of Dida. Rhea says that she still thinks that Ranbir and Prachi are living like friends. She says that they should go to the honeymoon so that things can get better between them. She says and with that, she is also able to get over her past.

Dida listens to this and asks Prachi to go on honeymoon. She tells Pallavi to ask her to go on her honeymoon. After this Prachi gets agreed to go on a honeymoon. Rhea calls Prachi and Alia tells her that she an investor of Manali is interested to invest in the startup of Ranbir and she has called him and ask him to set up a meeting there with Ranbir. She asks her to mix something in Prachi’s drink and by that she gets sick and will not be able to go to Manali and Ranbir will get a call from the investor for the meeting, left with no choice other than going to Manali.

Upcoming story- Rhea makes the tea for Prachi in which she mixes something. Abhi asks Alia to choose either to work with Gaurav Thapar or to stay there with him.

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