Kumkum Bhagaya 14 October 2021 written update – Rhea’s plan failed 

At the beginning of the episode, Rhea is serving tea to everyone. Ranbir is about to tale the cup of tea but Rhea stops him and says that first she will serve to her sister. Ranbir says that she is giving so much love and respect to her sister but what about her brother in law. She says that she will also give him tea but first she will serve to Prachi. After serving tea to Prachi, Rhea thinks to herself and says that after drinking this tea she will not be able to go to Manali.

On the other hand, Abhi shouts at Alia and ask her to not work under Gaurav Thapar. She says that he is saying all this because of Pragya. Abhi says that he knew him very well. First he will use her then he will throw her away. Alia says that Pragya has also said to him that stole her quotation and gave it to Gaurav. Abhi says he didn’t say it she herself said this to him. He tells her that either she can stay in this house or can work with Gaurav. Alia says fine she will not work there.

Pragya listens them and tells Abhi that She don’t have any problem with Alia working there. She says that if she wants to earn money then it’s okay. When Abhi goes she warns Alia that if she again tries to ruin her business then she will tell the truth to Abhi. On the other hand, Rhea gets shocked when she sees Prachi is coming downstairs with her luggage. Then she got to know that Shaina has drank that tea and now she got sick in place of Prachi. Rhea gets upset. Dida ask her why she is looking upset.

Pallavi says she is not upset, she is nervous for her first honeymoon. When they reached Manali Rhea doesn’t talk nicely to Siddharth in their way to resort. Their car runs out of petrol. Rhea has done this so that she can go to resort with the Ranbir. In the resort Ranbir and Siddharth got two different rooms away from each other. In the room, Prachi gets emotional and tells Ranbir for always supporting her and accepting her with all her flaws. Ranbir says that he loves her so much that he can see any flaw in her.

Upcoming story- Rhea takes Ranbir with her in the room. When they go back Pallavi tells Rhea she can’t even imagine that she can do this thing. Rhea ask her what she had done. Alia is also there and tells Prachi that Ranbir and Rhea are in same room and in the same bed.

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