Kumkum Bhagaya 22 September 2021 written update – Dida doubts Rhea

At the beginning of the episode, Rhea is feeling happy while thinking about Ranbir. Dida sees her and thinks that she loves Siddharth so much. Vikram gets well and he gets ready to join the office. She tells Dida that there is so much burden on Siddharth so he thought that he should join the office. Dida says that Siddharth knows very well how to make a balance between work and personal life. Vikram says that now he will go to the study room to read the newspaper. There Vikram and Dida see Siddharth sleeping. They ask him why he is sleeping here?

He says that he was doing work till late at night so he slept here. Dida sees a pillow and blanket. She thinks that if he went sleeping while doing work then how did pillow and blanket came here. She says something is not right. Pragya says that she wants Abhi to stop drinking. Dadi says that they are trying so hard but he doesn’t stop drinking. Pragya says that now she is there, she will handle everything. Sushma says that now she also has to face a new problem. She feels hesitant to talk in front of Dadi.

Pragya tells her that they can talk in front of Dadi. Sushma says that she listens to Alia and Tanu were making a plan against her. Pragya says that she knew because they always do this but this time she will win. On the breakfast table, Alia tells Mitali and her taiji that if they want to continue to live here then they need to help her and Tanu. She asks them to create misunderstandings and distance between dadi and Pragya. She says that if Pragya gets the support of Dadi and Abhi then she will win and let them out of this house.

Prachi and Rhea get things ready at the breakfast table. Vikram tells Pallavi that today he will serve her breakfast. Rhea is giving importance to everyone except Siddharth. She also gives importance to Ranbir and offers him food. Dida notices this. Rhea thinks that is why Dida is looking at her like that? She thinks that Dida is doubting her. So she goes to Siddharth and serves him breakfast. Dida thinks that she is right something happens between Siddharth and Rhea.

Later, Siddharth asks Rhea that he is not able to understand her. Sometimes she talks rudely with him and suddenly she gets sweet with him. She says that she is getting sweet with him in front of others because she doesn’t want others to get to know that they are not okay with each other. She tells him that today she is very happy when she wakes up alone in This room. She tells him that for some time they should stay away from each other.

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