Kumkum Bhagaya 23 September 2021 written update – Siddharth suspects Rhea

At the beginning of the episode, Dida goes to Prachi and tells her that she wants to talk to her about something important. Prachi says that she has so much time for her. She ask her what happened? Dida says did she know who mixed the garlic in the prasad during Janmashtami. She tells her that Rhea has done this. Prachi says that Rhea is changed, now she loves her so much. Dida is about to say something about Rhea but she comes into the kitchen and realizes that they are talking about her.

So Rhea tells Prachi that she wants to spend some time with her sister. Dida thinks that she still doubts Rhea. Rhea made Prachi call Ranbir because she wants to talk to him. She tells Ranbir that she and Prachi are Missing him so much. She asks him to come home early. While they are talking Ranbir tells Prachi that Siddharth is missing her because he needs her advice for a new project. Rhea gets to know that Prachi used to work in their office and no one knows about it. Then She tells Ranbir that she needs to talk to Prachi and cuts the call.

Rhea says that she has to do some important work of Siddharth and goes away. Siddharth was thinking about Rhea in the office. He suspects her behavior with him and thinks that she might love someone else. When Ranbir comes to his cabin, he asks him about Rhea. He asks him does he think that Rhea loves someone else because he is having doubt on her. Ranbir asks him to don’t doubt her. He asks him to give some time to his relationship and tells him to try to know Rhea. He asks him to not worry.

Then Ranbir says that now he is leaving. When he goes home, Prachi asks him where are her flowers? He says that he forgot to buy them but he bought Chikki for her. Ranbir says that he also bought anklets for her beautiful legs. Rhea sees them. She says that she ask Ranbir to come home early then why Prachi is welcoming him? She says what is it in Prachi that is not in her. Ranbir asks Prachi to come closer to him. Rhea is watching them and kicks a vase that falls down. Then she says that by mistake it fall down. Ranbir and Prachi go away from there to their room. Then she goes into her room and thinking to cut her hand with a knife.

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