Kumkum Bhagaya 25 September 2021 written update – Rhea’s plan against Siddharth

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya tells Abhi that he can’t drink. She ask him from where did he get alcohol. He says that he can help him on his own. Abhi tells her that doesn’t behave as she cares for him. Pragya says that she actually cares for him. Abhi says that she is selfish and she stayed with him only for herself. He says that in the last two years she is enjoying Australia and now she suddenly says that she cares for him. Pragya says that she is not enjoying it there and the day she will tell him everything.

Alia sees them. She is the one who gave Abhi alcohol. She told him that she is her sister and she can’t see him restless. Tanu asked Alia to give alcohol to Abhi because she wants Abhi to fight with Pragya. Pragya goes into the kitchen to drink water. There she sees Tanu and asks her did she gave the alcohol to Abhi. Tanu says no. Then Tanu asks her that at first, she doesn’t even want to buy Abhi and now she is taking care of him so much. She asks her why? Pragya says she doesn’t want anyone to drink in her house that’s it.

Pragya sees Abhi lying on the couch in the living room. Abhi holds her hand and says that he is not sleeping. He tells her that she can’t stop him from drinking. He says that he knows she hates him. Pragya says that she doesn’t hate him. Abhi asks her then she likes him or his smile. He says that if she wants to see him happy then next don’t try to stop him from drinking. Rhea wakes up and sees a not of Siddharth, in which he wrote that they should stay away from each other for some time.

He also wrote that he is going to Bangalore for some days. Rhea says that now she will spend time with Ranbir. She goes outside. Everyone is doing breakfast. She cries in front of Pallavi and tells her that she is very upset. She says that Siddharth has gone to Bangalore without even telling her. She says that he already knew that she also wants to go to Bangalore because she wants to meet her friend. She tells her that she can’t travel alone because she is scared. Pallavi asks her if something happened between them?

She says that Ranbir might be angry with her because she forgot to give him a glass of water when she’s is busy during Janmashtami. Pallavi calls Siddharth. Rhea thinks that this is not part of her plan and what if Siddharth tells truth to Pallavi. Pallavi scolds Siddharth for going to Bangalore without telling anyone. She asks him to tell everything to his wife. Prachi tries to make Rhea understand that Siddharth is not like this maybe he doesn’t want to disturb her early in the morning.

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