Kumkum Bhagaya 27 September 2021 written update – Ranbir agrees to go to Bangalore with Rhea

At the beginning of the episode, Rhea asks Prachi what if the same Ranbir has done with her. Prachi says Ranbir is different, he doesn’t get angry over small things. Prachi tells Rhea to don’t let their ego come between their relationship. She says she and Ranbir always keep this thing in mind. She asks Rhea to call Siddharth and convince him. She asks her to tell Siddharth that how much she loves him. Rhea says she will definitely do this. When Prachi goes Rhea says that now she will go to Bangalore with Ranbir and spend time with him.

Pallavi calls Rhea. Rhea ask her What happened? Pallavi asks her to pack her bags because she is going to Bangalore. Rhea says thank you. She says but she can’t travel alone. She says that she can’t tell her because she is so busy and Vikram is not well. Pallavi says it’s okay Ranbir will go with her. Rhea acts and says that they should first ask Ranbir whether he wants to go with her or not. Vikram says that he just needs to order Ranbir. He says that he will always be there for her.

He tells Rhea that she is like her daughter. On the other hand, Tanu, Alia, and Mitali are insulting the servants of Pragya. They ask Pragya to let them out of this house. Pragya asks her servants to don’t cook food from now onwards. She says that those who don’t like the food can cook by themselves. Tanu and Alia tell Abhi that Pragya is insulting them in front of servants. Abhi asks to stop insulting his family. She asks him to tell his family to stop insulting her servants. Pallavi stops Ranbir and asks him to go to Bangalore with Rhea.

He says that he can’t go because Siddharth is also not there and he needs to work. Vikram says that it is his order. Pallavi calls Prachi and tells her that Ranbir is not listening to her and maybe he listen to her. She asks her to tell Ranbir to go to Bangalore with Rhea. Prachi tells him that she doesn’t need to ask him, he will definitely go with Rhea. Rhea says sorry to Ranbir as his work gets disturbed because of her. She also says sorry to Prachi and says that now she has to work alone in the kitchen.

Prachi says it’s okay. Ranbir asks her to pack her bags and by tomorrow’s flight, they will go to Bangalore. Ranbir calls Siddharth and asks him why he goes to Bangalore without telling anyone. He says that tomorrow he is coming to Bangalore to Drop Rhea to him. He also tells her that Rhea loves him. He asks him to talk to Rhea and spend some time with her.

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