Kumkum Bhagaya written update 23 July 2021 Pallavi refuses to accept Siddharth

At the beginning of the episode, Prachi goes to Rhea and tries to talk to her but both don’t talk to each other. Prachi recalls what Rhea has done to her while watching her. Ranbir ask Prachi what happened between her and Rhea. Prachi tells him that she is not able to say anything to Rhea. She says that she is feeling awkward in front of her and even Rhea is also behaving very strange like she don’t know her. Prachi tells Ranbir that she has that whenever she will Meet Rhea she will hug her and try to start things afresh, but She feels like they both are strangers to each other.

On the other hand, Siddharth is telling Rhea that there are very less chances that Pallavi aunty will accept them. He tells her that she hasn’t forgiven Ranbir and Prachi till date. He ask her to don’t worry if as Pallavi aunty will take time to accept her. Rhea isn’t saying anything so he ask her why she is so quiet. Meanwhile, Ranbir calls Siddharth and tells him that he has booked the fight tickets for tomorrow. Siddharth tell this to Rhea and ask her to be prepared for everything.

When Ranbir and Prachi goes with Siddharth and Rhea to their home, Pallavi is shocked to see Siddharth being married with a girl. She shouts at Siddharth and ask him to leave without saying a word. Siddharth tries to make her understand the situation but she refuses to listen him. She reminds Siddharth that she has asked him in the starting to don’t go against her but still he does the same thing which Ranbir has done to her. She tells Prachi that again because of her she is in the same situation and feeling cheated and devastated.

Prachi apologises to her for everything. She tells her that Ranbir is also going through the same pain because he misses his family everyday. she ask him to forgive both Ranbir and Siddharth. But Pallavi refuses to accept both of them. She curses Prachi that she hopes that one day she will also become a mother and she have a son who leaves her for another girl. Ranbir’s grandmother stops her from saying this. Ranbir’s dad also come downstairs and ask Pallavi to stop. Pallavi says that she is not an emotional woman anymore.

UPCOMING STORY- Abhi beats Gautam Thapar. He tells Pragya that he is not a good man and this place is also not safe for her. Pragya ask him to stop. He ask him that who is he to tell her whom should she meet and where should she go?

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