Kumkum Bhagaya written update 27 July 2021 Pallavi blames Prachi

At the beginning of the episode, Vikram gets a second heart attack. Doctor tells Pallavi that he gets a shock that’s why this happened to him. He says that he told her to make him happy and Don’t make him stressed. He ask everyone to go outside and wait there. Pallavi broke down by seeing Vikram’s condition, Ranbir holds her but she pushes him away. And goes to her room. Siddharth consoles Ranbir. Prachi and Ranbir’s grandmother goes to Pallavi. There Pallavi is crying and Ranbir’s grandmother consoles her. Pallavi says that everything has happened because of Prachi.

Then she sees her and ask her why she is still there now because what she wants to do has already happened. She ask her to go away. She says that she is right about her because she is the bad luck for everyone. She tried to kill Vikram. Ranbir’s grandmother ask Pallavi to stop but she didn’t. She says to Prachi that because of her, her parents got seperated, Abhi got bankrupt and he comes on road. She says that just because of her Pragya also died. Prachi ask her to don’t say anything like this to her because she is not like that.

Pallavi says no you are like that and you want to finish this family. Then Prachi goes away from there and cries while recalling about Pragya. On the other hand, Abhi goes to farm to deliver the car. He rings the bell but no one opened the door. Meanwhile, Pragya is feeling little bit dizzy. Gautam says that maybe there drinks got exchanged. She tells him that she has drink before at her home with her husband. Gautam ask her she married? Pragya says that she was married. Then she ask for washroom from Gautam and goes there.

Gautam’s father calls him and ask him to check the papers of farm house carefully because this time they have the last chance to win the confidence of Pragya and Sushma and to be their partners. Gautam tells him that this time he will definitely win Pragya. He tells him that he mixed alcohol in Pragya’s drink and soon he will become her life partner and also become the 100% owner of this company. He says no one will be able to come between us tonight. Abhi is about to leave but he overhears everything. He goes inside and started beating Gautam. Pragya sees him and ask him to stop. He ask her to come with him and tells her that this place and this man is not good for you.

UPCOMING STORY- Pragya ask Abhi to don’t touch her. She tells him that he is a stranger for her. He ask him that who is he to tell her whom should she meet and where should she go?

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