Kumkum Bhagaya written update 29 July 2021 Vikram accepts Prachi and Ranbir

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya says to Sushma that she and Gautam care for her and they don’t want to create a scene in front of the media, but Abhi he doesn’t care about anything. She says that one who has nothing to lose can do anything. Then Sushma thinks that she has to do something to warn Abhi and make him stay away from Pragya. She thinks to teach Abhi a lesson.

Meanwhile, Abhi goes to his house and informs the manager that Pragya’s car met with an accident. Dadi, Tanu, and Alia ask him what happened to him? He says nothing has happened to him. Dadi asks Tanu to do the bandage of Abhi. While Tanu’ is doing a bandage of Abhi, he is thinking about his moments with Pragya that what she used to do when he got injured. He is smiling by seeing Tanu. Tanu feels good as for the first time Abhi has seen her with love. But then she sees an earring of a girl with Abhi.

She shouts at him and asks him who’s earring is this? He says that this belongs to a girl. Tanu asks does this belongs to Pragya. He says no. Then Tanu says tell her the name and what is he doing with another girl. Alia also asks him that he is not like that. Dadi says tells us who’s earring is this. She says if that earring belongs to Pragya then she won’t have any problem. On the other hand, Vikram calls Prachi and asks her to give him his son back.

He says that now he can’t stay away from Ranbir and he needs him. Pallavi gets happy as she thinks that Vikram wants Ranbir to live with them without Prachi. But then he asks Pallavi to get Ranbir’s room cleaned and says that from now Prachi and Ranbir both will live together with us. Pallavi gets shocked after this. Alia tells that Sushma has come here with the police.

Abhi says that Tanu must have done something. She says that He has done an accident of her car. She tells him that she got to know her car met with an accident and she saw him driving the car. Tanu asks him that why he has gone to Pragya and started fighting with him. Sushma says that she is not here to see their family drama. She is here to recover from her loss.

Upcoming story- Vikram tells Prachi that she is the wife of Ranbir then why will she stay away from him. Meanwhile, Sushma tells Abhi that he has two choices either he can go to jail or he can return the money for her loss.

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