Kumkum bhagya written update 19 September 2021 weekly

Kumkum Bhagya is a Hindi TV drama television serial about a star-crossed couple Abhi and Pragya, who are now separated. Ranbeer falls in love with their daughter Prachi, while their other daughter Rhea vies for his attention.

Last week we saw that, Siddharth realises that Rhea is trying to maintain distance from him. Pragya tells Abhi that he can’t drink in her house without her permission. Abhi gets angry. She says that she knows he is acting. Then Abhi breaks the bottle and goes close to her. They both started dancing. Then Pragya tells him that now they will Dance tomorrow. He tells her that she told him that she never leave him but still she is going. Then goes behind her. He slips on the stairs and shouts the name of Pragya. He falls down from the stairs and his head is also started bleeding.

Pragya takes him tot he doctor. She tells Prachi about this and she also arrives there. She says that now she will not live with him but for her she will take care of him. Prachi ask her why she left everyone two years ago. Pragya tells her the truth that when Abhi get to know that she helped her in getting married with Ranbir, he gets angry on her. She thought that he would shout at her but he tried to kill her getting the breaks of her car failed. Prachi says her father can’t do this. Pragya says this is the truth.

Prachi tells Pragya that She tells her that Abhi loves her so much, he broke down when she is not there with him. He tried to find her so much. He goes to police station many times. She says that because of Tanu and Alia Abhi’s business gets ruined and he started living in chaul. She says that Abhi can’t even try to kill her because he loves her so much. Pragya thinks that Prachi is right.

When Rhea gets to know that Prachi is trying to reunite their parents. She gets angry. She shouts at Prachi. She shouts at her and ask her how could she again tried to reunite their parents. She says that she was so happy with her father when Pragya is not around and Abhi only loves her. She says that Pragya destroyed everything and she don’t want her to come back in Abhi’s life. She goes to meet Alia and ask her What Abhi is doing with Pragya? She tells Alia that for her it is very difficult to see Ranbir and Prachi together. Alia tells her that she will not let Pragya comes again in Abhi’s life. She promises that Ranbir will get back into her life soon.

She ask her to go home apologise to Prachi. Rhea apologises to Prachi. She tells Prachi that she shouldn’t have said those things to her which she said yesterday. She tells her that When Pragya left them, they all get seperated from each other. She tells Prachi that she don’t have anyone to share things because Abhi started drinking so much and Tanu and Alia used to fight everytime. She tells her that atleast she has Ranbir. Prachi forgives her.

Tanu tells Pragya that she want Abhi to take him back. Pragya says that he is not going anywhere. Tanu says that she has filed a police complaint against her for attempt to murder. Sushma ask her to come to point. Tanu says that she don’t want money she want her husband. She says that if Pragya is not letting Abhi go with her then she have to live here with her whole family. Pragya says that she can come tomorrow with everyone. She tells her that she can tolerate her but she can’t let live Abhi with her again in that chaul.

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What is Tanu’s plan?

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