Kumkum bhagya written update 26 September 2021 weekly

Kumkum Bhagya is a Hindi TV drama television serial about a star-crossed couple Abhi and Pragya, who are now separated. Ranbeer falls in love with their daughter Prachi, while their other daughter Rhea vies for his attention.

Last week we saw that Tanu tells Everyone that now they are shifting to Pragya’s house to stay with Abhi. Sushma is not happy with her decision. She tells Pragya that Alia and Tanu are coming here to snatch all her happiness. Rhea cries in front of Siddharth and says that she upset from him. She says that he gives her mental torture. Rhea asks him to give her some space and ask him to sleep outside. Later, Rhea gets to know that Prachi is sleeping in Dida’s room. She goes in Ranbir’s room and tells him that nothing is fine between her and Siddharth.

She ask him to swear on Prachi and ask him to don’t say anything to Siddharth. Abhi’s family arrives at Pragya’s house. Dadi tells Abhi that Pragya has asked everyone to live with her. Dadi thanks Sushma for taking care of Pragya so well. She says that she don’t have any relation with Pragya still she supports her so much. Sushma says that she has just given her the reason to live again.

Rhea is feeling happy while thinking about Ranbir. Dida sees her and thinks that she loves Siddharth so much. Vikram gets well and he gets ready to join the office. She tells Dida that there is so much burden on Siddharth so he thought that he should join the office. There vikram and Dida sees Siddharth sleeping. They ask him why he is sleeping here? Rhea is giving importance to everyone except Siddharth. She also gives importance to Ranbir and offers him food. Dida notices this. Rhea thinks that why Dida is looking at her like that? She thinks that Dida is doubting her. So she she goes to Siddharth and serves him breakfast. Dida thinks that she is right something is happened between Siddharth and Rhea.

Siddharth was thinking about Rhea in the office. He suspects her behaviour with him and thinks that she might loves someone else. When Ranbir comes to his cabin, he ask him about Rhea. He ask him does he think that Rhea loves someone else because he is having doubt on her. Ranbir ask him to don’t doubt her. He ask him to give some time to his relationship and tells him to try to know Rhea. He ask him to not worry. Ranbir ask Prachi to come closer to him. Rhea is watching them and kicks a vase which falls down. Then she says that by mistake it fall down.

Pragya tells him that she don’t want him to drink. He ask her to give him one reason. She says that she cares for him. Abhi ask her is she drunk? He tells her that she don’t care for him not even a bit. He tells her that when he got this news that she is died, he didn’t believe anyone. He listens to his heart and tried very hard to find her. He says that when he saw her after 2 years that time also he tried to come closer to her but she behaved like she don’t even know him. He ask her to get away from his eyesight otherwise he will say something very bad to her.

Abhi tells Pragya to don’t behave like she cares for him. Pragya says that she actually care for him. Abhi says that she is selfish and she stayed with him only for herself. He says that in the last two years she is enjoying in Australia and now she suddenly says that she cares for him. Pragya says that she is not enjoying there and day she will tell him everything. Rhea wakes up and sees a note of Siddharth, in which he wrote that they should stay away from eachother for some time. He also wrote that he is going to Bangalore for some days. Rhea says that now she will spend time with Ranbir.

This is the weekly update of your favourite show kumkum bhagya.

Will Rhea’s plan to spend time with Ranbir gets successful?

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