Kundali bhagya 13 October 2021 written update – Sarla visit Rishabh in the jail

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta tells Dadi that she should take medicine. Because if Rishabh comes to know that she is not taking medicine then he will feel very bad. Here Sherlyn is pretending to cry. Kareena tries to handle her. She tells Sherlyn that she should go to the room and take a rest. Prithvi is going to enter the house. But he stops seeing Karan and Preeta. He stands at the door and starts listening to them.

Preeta tells Karan that she will do anything to get Rishabh out of jail. Karan says that he is with her. Srishti and Sameer also say that they are with them too. Prithvi says that even though those four people are together. But he alone is equal to those four. He says that he will never let their plan succeed. The policeman tells Rishabh that his mother has come to meet him. There Sarla comes.

She gets emotional seeing Rishabh. Rishabh says that he thought Rakhi has come. Sarla says that she is also like his mother. When he called her and said I love you. So she told Srishti that she also wants to tell him that she too loves Rishabh very much. Rishabh smiles. Sarla says that she thought that she should first meet Rakhi and Mahesh but she felt that Rishabh needed her now. So she came to meet him.

Rishabh says that she is really like his mother. He says that Rakhi and Mahesh will be very sad so she should go and tell them that he is fine. Sarla says it’s fine. After that, she leaves there. Rishabh thinks that all this would not have happened if Sherlyn had not troubled him, neither he would have drunk alcohol nor all this would have happened. Here Prithvi and Sherlyn are together. Sherlyn says that it is good that Rishabh went to jail.

Now she can meet him at any time. Prithvi says that she just got little joy and she is getting so happy. Sherlyn says it is a matter of happiness. She then asks him if Sandeep is his man. He refuses and tells how he went to Sandeep and Sandeep has asked him for 60 lakh rupees to obey him. Sherlyn says that but he has no money. Prithvi says that if he insists on taking the money, he will kill him.

Here Sameer, Preeta, Srishti come to meet Rishabh. Preeta tells Rishabh that she wanted to help him but Sandeep refuses to listen to her. Rishabh says that they don’t need to do all this as the court will help them. Preeta and Srishti feel that Sandeep is deliberately trying to trap him. Here Saudeepa comes to meet Sandeep. He tells her that he is pretending to be injured. Sameer asks Rishabh why did he drink alcohol that night. Rishabh does not tell him the reason for this. Sameer gets angry and leaves from there. Preeta and Srishti console him.

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