Kundali bhagya 14 October 2021 written update – Preeta gets a clue

At the beginning of the episode, Sandeep’s mother comes to his room. She sees that Sandeep is standing. She feels that Sudeepa has made him stand up deliberately. She starts screaming. She calls the constable and says that this girl is trying to force her son to stand up. Sandeep tells him that his mother and Sudeepa love him very much so they are worried about him and that is why there is a rift between them. The constable wants them to maintain peace. Sandeep’s mother then tells him that she has brought homemade food for him.

Rakhi asks Mahesh to take medicine. He says that medicine will not cure him. He wants to meet his son. Rakhi explains to him that Rishabh will also come but for now, he should take medicine. Sarla comes there and advises Mahesh that he should take medicine. She says that Rishabh needs him at this time, so he has to be courageous and take care of himself. Mahesh understands her point and consumes the medicine.

Sarla tells Rakhi that she had gone to meet Rishabh and He’s all right. He is also confident that he will be back home soon so they don’t have to worry about him. Tears well up in Rakhi’s eyes. Sarla asks her not to be sad. She says that Rishabh also said that they don’t need to worry about her. Rakhi understands her point. Sarla comes back to her house.

Srishti also comes home. Sarla asks her if she will have food. Srishti feels that Sarla is angry. That’s why she says that if she wants to give her slap in the place of food then today is her fast. Sarla says that she is deteriorating these days so she needs her scolding. She explains to Srishti that if she had already told her that Rishabh is in jail, she would have gone to meet him earlier and could have helped him in some way. Srishti says that she will never do this from today onwards.

Here Sherlyn goes to Rakhi and pretends that she is very sad about Rishabh going to jail. Rakhi says that they should go to meet Rishabh. Just then Preeta and Karan come there. Rakhi asks them about Rishabh. Preeta and Karan say that they will bring Rishabh home soon. Sherlyn tells Preeta to get Rishabh out of jail soon. Preeta says that she doesn’t need to do this drama in front of her. Then Preeta goes to Mahesh. She tells Mahesh and Rakhi to take a rest. Rakhi says that her son is away from her then how will she sleep. Preeta gets sad and goes to the temple. Preeta asks Durga Maa to help her. She then goes to Karan and Sameer. Preeta tells Karan that Sandeep told the police that Rishabh did an accident and then he spoke to someone on the phone. But when Rishabh was talking to Karan at that time, Karan could not hear anyone asking for help from behind. It means that he is lying. She adds that the one who is Sandeep’s Dr is her friend so he will help them too.

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