Kundali bhagya 20 October 2021 written update – Preeta confronts Sandeep

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta tells Sarla that today she watched Sandeep roaming around in the area where she stopped to buy candy floss for Pihu. Sarla tells her that if she thinks that she really saw him there then she should go to the hospital to check if he is there or not to clear all her doubts. Preeta says she is right. She asks Sameer to drop Pihu Home and she goes to the hospital with Srishti. They ask the receptionist does Sandeep got discharged? she says no.

Srishti acts and tells the receptionist that Preeta is the physiotherapist of Sandeep so she is going there to check him. She talks to the receptionist to distract her while Preeta goes into the room to see Sandeep. There she sees that he is not there. She calls Srishti and informs her that she was right. While going back she sees Sandeep coming on the wheelchair with Sudeepa. Preeta gets shocked. She tells him that she saw him today roaming around on his feet. He says that she is mad. Preeta tells him that she knows he is lying to her

Sudeepa tells him that he needs to be careful because Preeta can go to any extent for the happiness of her family. Then Preeta tells Srishti that she saw Sandeep when she is coming back. She says that now she started doubting herself. She tells her that whenever she tries to do something good, everything gets messed up. Srishti, ask her to don’t worry. She says we will definitely do something to get Rishabh out of the jail. When Preeta and Srishti go to Luthra’s house. There Kareena ask her where was she? Preeta tells her everything. Kareena doesn’t believe her.

She tells her that she is lying. She says that she is outside with her sister to have fun and she doesn’t care about this family. Preeta says why she saying this. Bani also tells her that she forgot everything what they have done for her. Srishti gets angry and asks them how can they talk to Preeta like that. She asks them why they always start blaming Preeta when anything goes wrong in this house. Preeta tries to stop Srishti. Kareena says that they both don’t know how to respect the elders and goes away. Srishti ask Preeta can she stay with her today? Preeta says yes.

Upcoming story- Prithvi tells Sherlyn that she is not at all helping him. He says Kritika is much better than him. She is helping him unknowingly. He tells her that he get her married in this house so that she can help him but she is not doing anything for him.

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