Kundali bhagya 21 October 2021 written update – Preeta follows Sandeep

At the beginning of the episode, Prithvi goes to the office of Luthra’s. He sits in the cabin of Rishabh. He asks the accountant to come into the cabin. He gives his account details to him and asks him to transfer 80 lakh rupees to the account. The accountant says that he can’t do this. He says that this is a very large amount and for that, he needs the signature of his boss. Prithvi says that he is also his Boss as he is the son-in-law of the Luthra family. He tells him that Rishabh is in jail, Mahesh is sick and Karan is out of town that’s why he is here.

He tells him that he is not taking this money for his own use, he is taking this for Rishabh to get him out of jail. Then he tells him it’s okay if he will not transfer money. He threatens him that now he is calling Mahesh Luthra and complaint to him. Then the accountant gets agreed to transfer money. Prithvi calls Sherlyn and tells her that he is in the office of Luthra’s and has 80 lakhs rupees in his account. Sandeep calls him, Prithvi asks him to meet him at the warehouse and there he will give him all the money.

Preeta sees Sandeep, she says this time she is sure that it is him. She goes behind him. She followed him to the warehouse. Srishti calls her and asks her where is she? Preeta tells her that she saw Sandeep and she is following him. She asks them to come there. Prithvi’s car collides with someone. He gets into a fight with someone. Meanwhile, Sandeep calls him. He says that he knew he don’t want to give him money. He says that now he will tell everything to Preeta that he is the mastermind behind all this and he wants Rishabh to be in jail.

Prithvi says that he met with an accident and he is on his way. Preeta listens to this. Srishti and Sameer also reach there. Preeta says that Sandeep is talking to someone and that man is coming to give him money. Preeta says she thinks that the person with whom Sandeep is talking she knows him. Srishti says he might be Prithvi. Then Preeta tries to click his picture for evidence. Sandeep feels that someone else is also there. Meanwhile, Prithvi also comes.

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